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Covid-19 had a major impact with organised matches throughout 2020/21.

Social distancing restrictions played a huge part early in the season with cancellations to many scheduled matches, although matches had managed to resume later in the season; the Pdac decided to scrap match awards for this year.

Although some matches went ahead when permitted, the results were logged, but awards were not presented.

The Masters Trophy: Abandoned
The Aggregate Trophy: 
Away Match Series: Abandoned
Silverfish Series: Abandoned
Float Only Trophy: Abandoned
Feeder Only TrophyAbandoned
Night Match TrophyAbandoned
Predator Match Trophy: Abandoned


FLE Challenge Series:

Winner: George Brickwood 30pts

Runner up: John Coulson 28pts

Xmas Match:

Section A Winner: Clive Blount

Runner up: Charlie Gaudion

Section B Winner: Nick Brickwood

Runner up: John Clarke

Section C Winner: Andy Muchmore

Runner up: Kris Collins

Section D Winner: Ian Jennings

Runner up: Steve Chapman

Youth Open:

Winner: Ethan Etherington

Runner up: Billy Goodyear

Junior Open (8-12):

Winner: Freddie Coulson

Runner up: Abigail Chapman

Junior Open (13-16):

Winner: Leo Marriott

Runner up: Enzo Nieddu

Drawn Pairs:

Winners: Will Abernethy & George Brickwood 139.06

Runners up: Pete Lemon & Tony Bolwell 102.11

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