Chairman's Chat 

A brief look back on the past few weeks and the weeks  ahead with Steve Chapman

Novembers Chat


I would like to start this months chat with a massive thank you to all the volunteer club bailiffs that serve all our members looking after our waters and checking that only those who should fish our waters do.

In the last month they have managed to catch a persistent poacher who had been using Bo Peep as his own free fishery, he was caught red handed warned against any further incursions onto our waters, we now have his name, car make and details and these have been placed on file as well as being reported to the relevant authorities.


Also this month three anglers were found to be fishing Nyewood without the correct membership and again were removed from the water and warned not to return.

Please remember that to be on any of our waters you must either be a member or an associate, no visitors or friends allowed. Due to the restrictions currently in place we are still wont be offering guest tickets either.


Unfortunately these are not isolated incidents and we need your help to continue to watch over our waters, if you do see someone on our waters and you are not sure they are a member and you are not happy approaching them please give one of the numbers in your handbook a ring and we will try and get a bailiff or committee member to attend asap.


I would like to remind all members that ANY removal of bank side vegetation, trees, branches etc. it strictly forbidden on all of our waters its in you handbook.

Any work that needs carrying out must be reported to any club official who will then sort out obtaining the correct permissions first.



As the above is never out of the news, again it is going to impact how we run the club over the next 12 months, at this time we believe that we may have to cancel the PDAC AGM due in March as a face to face event. We will be discussing alternatives on how we sort out rule or committee changes next week using a mini committee meeting on face time and then we will brief you the membership how we may plan to proceed.


I would ask all members to keep an eye on Facebook and the web page for any updates.


I would like to welcome all the half year members that have joined us in the last few weeks, we seem to have a few more pike anglers so hope that any fish caught are photographed and we see some pictures sent in, we all know there are a couple of larger pike lurking in Coombe.


To all your members out there lets have some pictures of you captures this time of year fish change into their winter colours and look magnificent, so lets see them.


As a final note our membership is close to capacity that our insurance policy will permit. We only have a few more spaces left for this season, so if you know anyone that's thinking of joining on a half year ticket let them know you may need to be quick or you may be disappointed


Tight Lines


Steve Chapman


PDAC Chairman

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