Chairman's Chat 

A brief look back on the past few weeks and the weeks  ahead with Steve Chapman

During these strange times we have continued to try and offer the safest options for your fishing experience.

Since the 2 metre restrictions have been lifted we have now been able to open more swims on all of our fisheries

and hopefully with your co operation we can continue to operate as normally as possible in the current circumstances.

At the moment the booking system remains in place but this will be again reviewed at the next socially distanced Committee meeting.


Unfortunately due to work commitments Jason Hardy has stepped down as club secretary, I would just like to put on records are thanks for all his hard work and wish him well for the future.

To cover this position Shaun Ireland has agreed to step into the breach for this season, and the club will begin the process to look for a new secretary for the 2021/22 season. If you think you could help us with this please send in an email or give either Andy or myself a call.


We are still trying to do various works on all of our waters but continue to struggle to get you the membership to come and help.

In numbers terms we only on average get 3% of the total membership at any work party, this is normally made up of 4/5 committe members plus 4/5 general members.

To be very honest this is a very poor turnout when we are constantly being asked why the works we try and do are taking so long, or get put back, the reason is quite simple there

is a a very high lack of commitment from the general membership to help out.

We as a committee are not paid, we are a non profit club, we give up hours of  time weekly to bailiff, arrange and turn up for work parties, and all the other commitments relating to management of our waters, we cannot do it all and need your help.


I would also like to remind our members, the gate at the bottom on Nyewood, must be locked at all times.

We are also seeing signs of litter left in swims on our venues, The Pdac will not tolerate this sort of behaviour, Please take your litter home.

I hope you have all seen that we are running a match for the younger anglers in August, this is open to both members and non members and the aim is to promote angling to the younger generation as they are the future of all angling clubs

If you know of some one who would like to enter please contact Andy or Shaun  and get the forms filled in.

There will be help and advice on the day and some equipment will be available. ie nets etc


All the lakes and rivers continue to fish well, Nyewood bottom has been a bit hit and miss but I think it may be due to the constant angling pressure, Top pond has been fishing very well.

Coombe continues to produce carp tench and bream, best carp out this month at 32lbs plus,  also small bags of silvers to the pole for those willing to preserve.

There have also been some nice mixed bags from the rivers for those liking a challenge.


To those anglers fishing Nyewood please be aware that the camping site being run next to the lakes have no access to the ponds, if you see anything untoward please contact a member of the committee, numbers in the back of your books.


Tight Lines

Steve Chapman
The Pdac Chairman

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