Chairman's Chat 

A brief look back on the past few weeks and the weeks  ahead with Steve Chapman

Well another month on and we still try to tame the issue that is effecting the whole world

know as Covid 19.

With everything shut down we are continuing to work behind the scenes as best we can to keep the club functioning until we come out the other side.


Waters are being regularly checked as after checking with the angling authorities

we are allowed to keep bailiffs and nominated  members checked and patrolling our waters.


The committee have also decided that during this important time for the fish as they get ready to spawn we have implemented a supplementary feeding regime, this means that some of the waters are getting a high protein cereal based pellet applied to the waters most weeks.


Some positive news to share with you is that the owners of Nyewood have asked us to provide them with details of how we would like a car park to look like at the bottom of the track.

They are hoping to include this within planning permission they are seeking for a camping site on the other side of the wooded area at Nyewood, I really hope that this is the start of something we have been trying to nail down for a while now.


Work Parties

We have managed to acquire a quantity of scaffold board, pipe and couplings along with the RSJ we intend to use at Coombe for the new bridge, once this shut down allows, we want to get this work completed as soon as possible.

We will then go back and work on Nyewood swims etc.


To continue with news on Coombe it looks like the lily management we carried out at the end of the summer has worked as the main patches have receded back at least another metre all round each area with a break now showing at the top end of coombe,  hopefully another years work should have the areas of lily controlled as we would want them and we can then just manage them a lot easier.


On the membership front it is fantastic that although you cannot fish many of you have already joined and are just waiting to get out there and wet a line.


I really hope we can see each other on the bank side sometime soon but until them keep safe


Tight lines


Steve Chapman

PDAC Chairman

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Petersfield United Kingdom

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