Sunlight in the Shallows by Andy Reed

Well as Covid 19 slowly ease's more & more people are taking up fishing, & that is very apparent with the numbers of new members that have joined our club.

With more Juniors & Juveniles joining this year than we have seen for years, the future of the club is looking bright.

Although most adults & juniors etc are pretty confident, there are a few that could do with a helping hand. When the virus issue is over & we get back to normal, whatever normal was, both Kris Collins & myself are your club coaches, & we are here to help.

The rivers are now open & I have to thank Jim Stevens & Shaun Ireland who have helped me clear swims ready for opening.

Reports back so far have been promising, & the river seems to be fishing well, with various species being caught, nothing big but plenty of them so lets see lots of pictures of your catches.

Right onto the match scene, or should I say the lack of them.

We are now monitoring the match schedule and reviewing it monthly, we shall inform members of those matches listed in the handbook, whether they will go ahead or not, some may be rescheduled for later in the year.

It was a joint decision that when our waters opened again we would not have any matches on our waters for at least a month, so it gave our members chance to enjoy the waters.

Away matches will remain as listed, but they will only go ahead if the Fishery allows it. 


One match that we had to postpone, but we really want to go ahead is the Junior Open Match.

It will now take place on Sat 22nd August at Nyewood, & there will be 3 age groups, so all you budding youngsters get signed up & show us what you've got. You don't have to be a superstar, we just want you to come & enjoy yourself & you can have help from a parent if you need it, & hopefully I will have some of the match group there on the day to give advice & help if needed.

The family days that we had planned, have been cancelled till next year as this event could not happen while we have social distancing.

As I mentioned earlier there are a few of our new members & some of the old ones that might need a helping hand, so Kris & myself are here to help.

I have concerns about this hot weather, & the amount of bait that is going in our waters & how it is affecting our fish stocks.

We have had a lot of people fishing our waters, far more than normal & with that a lot of bait is going in, we may have to consider that for the next few months reducing the amount of bait anglers use, also to review the use of keepnets in this hot weather on our ponds (rivers should be ok).

Remember folks that fish get stressed under pressure of fishing, also from hot weather because the oxygen levels go down dramatically, so we need to look after our fish stocks & do whatever measures we need to keep them safe.

The matches that are to go ahead in July are as follows :-                          

Sun 11th  Witherington Farm  ( away match )

Wed 18th Navy Match at Nyewood  ( as listed in handbook - to be reviewed  )    

Sun 26th   Henfold  Lakes   ( away  match )

On Sat 4th July a team of 6 will be fishing the first round of the Angling Times Super Cup Competition.

We will be at a venue called Cypress wood & fishing against 2 other teams, Isfield A/C & the Carpshop.

If we win this 1st round, we will then go onto the next round at Gold Valley, so we have our fingers crossed.

we will be fishing on a split venue with 3 of us on a silverfish pond & 3 on the carp pond. The team is :-  Carp Section

Kris Collins, George Brickwood & Chris Knight.

Silvers Section

Andy Muchmore, Grant Thorne  & Andy Reed.


My thanks also goes to Ethan Etherington, Graham Potter, Dave Hoare, Pete Lemon, Will Abernathy, & Jamie Foster  as they competed in the practice sessions but didn't do quite enough to make the team, but their input has been valuable.

Will have more to tell you next month, so until then take care, stay safe, & Tight Lines





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