Darker Days by Andy Reed

The clocks have gone back now & as the nights close in & the days get shorter, we don't get as much time on the bankside as we used to.

Many days can be spent avoiding the weather the best we can while fishing, but there are times when we think to ourselves,  What am I doing here !!!! 

However there are other days in the autumn & winter months when you get a day that is just breathtaking to see, & even if you don't catch a lot, just being in the natural world is all you need.


Lets get onto the matches then, where the last few matches have been interesting, with the results being as expected.

Since the last report we have had a couple of matches, & some we were not able to. Sadly the teams of 15 match against Haslemere A/S didn't go ahead as I felt it wasn't the best Idea with the covid situation at the moment, but also I had been informed that the venue was heavily weeded & difficult to fish.

Hopefully there will be more chance next year, with fingers crossed the match scene might be back to normal.

Next was the final round of the F.L.E Tri Challenge competition.

This seems to have been popular with all those who competed in it , & I'm sure it will be back next year.

We fished the final waters we were drawn on, & did our best on the day. There is no doubt about the ability of George Brickwood, because at the end of the matches & the results came back from the weigh in's, he yet again had won on his pond.

A total of 3 wins over 3 rounds, with a maximum of 30 points was a cracking result, & cracking being the obvious word to use, as George trashed 2x no4 sections of his pole trying to get the fish into open water & avoid the snags.

John Coulson was a close 2nd with 28 points, & Jamie Foster was 3rd with 25 points.


Ollie from F.L.E was pleased with the competition & I will call him soon to arrange for next years competition.  The next match on the list was the club match up on the river Thames at Old Windsor.

We had 14 to start but sadly one of the guys had to drop out for personal reasons. Although no one complained, I felt very disappointed that the river fished so badly, as the results were very poor.

Section A.

1st  Kev Pierson  3lb 8oz

2nd  Rob Knight   11oz

3rd  Clive Blount  2oz      


Section B .

1st  Pete Lemon  3lb  8oz

2nd  Jim Stevens  3lb 1oz

3rd  Charlie Gaudion  9oz   


I don't know if we will return to the Thames at Old Windsor, but if we do I hope we have a better day. 

The next match on the list is the Feeder Only match on Sunday 1st November at Nyewood.

We have had a big number of members book in for this so I am having to use both ponds for it, so everyone is spread out, I only hope we have a good day although the weather doesn't look good in our favour.

I will report on this in the next newsletter on how we get on.

I have been asked about the trophies & the fact we cant have a presentation evening at this present time.

I have chatted with Shaun & Steve & we might arrange an open air one at Nyewood for just the trophy winners from last year.

We will do it in accordance with social distancing & of course if we get a good day. 

I look forward to seeing all those booked into the feeder match on Sunday both old & new, & to the rest of our members stay safe & enjoy your fishing. 


Before I finish I must thank Dan Marchant & his dad Pete for doing the tree work at Nyewood, & to Pete himself & helpers who have done an amazing job of clearing the top pond especially, but the whole site in general. Its looking good & is very much appreciated.... Thank you.               


Tight  Lines  Andy



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