Kris Collins

Committee Member, Club Bailiff, Fisheries Manager for Nyewood Ponds and a Level 1 Assistant Coach.

Hi all,

I was asked if I would like to make a contribution to this months edition of the club newsletter, and I thought maybe this would be a great way to introduce myself to the members that I have yet to meet.


As a child my love for the sport started around the time my uncle took me Carp fishing at the Heath pond in Petersfield, after a short while, I turned my efforts to the bream in the pond which was fun, as I was catching some great weights.

when I turned 18 fishing faded away and darts took over which I became very successful in. as I love the competiveness of the sport.

After 5 year or so playing darts I wanted to get back into fishing, so ended up joining Farnham Angling Club, where I met a few friends fishing, and I enjoyed the variety of waters they have.

I found pleasure fishing wasn't pushing me enough as I love to compete, and decided to look into the match fishing side,  which is what drew me to the Pdac.

Knowing the match secretary of the Pdac from my darting days (Andy Reed), explaining that a small match group within the club were competing in club events and also inter club events….This inspired me to join.

The club on a whole were welcoming and friendly, from the members, match group guys, to the committee, it has a great atmosphere within.

After joining the match group half way through the season I was pleasantly surprised that I not only had won a few matches, but had some trophies to pick up on           presentation night as well, this for me is the highlight of the season, great evening with family and friends welcomed too.

The match group as a whole are a great bunch of guys, that don’t take it too seriously which is why I think over the past few years it has gone from strength to strength.

When I started, there was about 10 or 15 guys and now there is about 30 on the match sheet.

We now have a great attendance for club matches, the atmosphere is incredible, the fun, laughter and banter, though most of the jokes are aimed at Andy Reed the match secretary (he loves it really!)


After a couple of years as a member, there became a vacancy within the Committee and I jumped at the chance, I wanted that opportunity to be part of a team and help move the club forward and keep moving in a positive direction….for me, it’s given me so much confidence, working together as a team, planning and executing those plans to fruition.


2 years on and the club approached me to become a qualified coach, this was a major boost for me and now I am in a position to pass on my skills and knowledge of the sport to others...i have so much gratitude for the club to be certified as a Level 1 Assistant Coach.

Last year we opened Bopeep to families within the community, offering free coaching  lessons and creating a great day out for everyone, and for this season, we have decided to continue with these events, for me it was a great pleasure to be part of.

My fishery management role at Nyewood Ponds, is not just keeping a eye on our stock, but also involves the upkeep of the complex; and its not been easy.

We are a non-profit club, and we are restricted to what work we can carry out, and we have always worked on a shoestring budget, beg, steal, borrow what ever we can with the help of a small band of volunteers just to make any small improvement.

Now, we have made changes to speed up the progress for improvements, our mission from the start of 2020, was to put Nyewood Ponds into tip top condition.

We are now planning ahead for every project before executing them, starting and completing tasks before moving onto the next one.

Unfortunately 8 weeks of terrible weather throughout January & February, and with the Covid-19 pandemic had scuppered our plans completely,  and this is reason why the club delayed reopening to our members.

The Lockdown had enabled us to make a start on phase1 of improvements a week before fishing was approved on 13th May, a small group of volunteers had been working at distance,  revamping swims, making them safer , leveling ground for smoother access and cleaning the venue, but we still have so much more to achieve on Phase 1 alone.

I would like to personally thank everyone that has helped with the manual work on site and those involved with supplying all the materials required over past few weeks, Its not over yet, we have only just begun, and we hope your support continues, it would not be possible without you.


I am always on the bank at most venues, if you have not met me yet...come and say hello.

Tight lines !!!

Kris Collins

The Pdac.... Making It Happen

Petersfield United Kingdom

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