East Pond

A Book To Fish Venue

East Pond is approximately 0.5 of an acre with depths to 6.5m.

The pond has a good head of mixed silvers.

This venue has limited parking and is a book to fish only...members must book in via the booking system prior to fishing.

Unsuitable for disabled anglers...suggest members travel light.

1. Members must book in via the booking system, located on the website

2. NO carp style set ups. ie Carp Rod Pods, Bite alarms and Bivvies.

3. Fishing from dawn to dusk.

4. Fishing from defined swims only.

5. 2 Rods may be used 

6. Barbless hooks only (Max Size 10)

7. Natural baits can be used i.e. maggots, casters, worm. (NO blood-worm or joker)

8. Pellets and Wafters up to 10mm only. sweetcorn may be used, and Bread as hookbait only.

9. 1Kg (dry) groundbait and pellet (NO pre-baiting)

10. All bait must be in a bait box. NO tins, cans, glass jars etc.

11. NO Litter or Fires. All rubbish must be taken home.

12. Keepnets may be used for silverfish only (5 hrs max) landing nets and unhooking mats as per club rules.

13. Juniors 16 & under to be accompanied by an adult member.

14. Members must remain within the boundary at all times.

15. All vehicles must display a club parking permit.

16. All general water rules apply.

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