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Exchange Books

The club hold a number of exchange books for the following clubs...... check it out!

Exchange books can be obtained from  Clive Blount on 07823868377. 

After the 1st April 2024, books will be available from:

Steve Elliott on 07870411122               

Books must be booked in advance and collected before 6pm on the previous day of use.

Check your handbook for further details.

Oakhanger AC

We now have 3 exchange books with Oakhanger AC. 4 good waters and a stretch of the River Wey.


Contact their Fisheries Officer on 07867 394665 for details of their waters.

Rudgewick A.C.

Contact Rudgewick AC for details of their waters

Cranleigh A.S.

This club has five lakes available, Alderbrook, Hyhurst, Wyphurst, and a two lake complex called The Fisheries. Contact their fisheries officer before visiting.

RN & RM. C.A.A

One Lake available, Dryad described by some as an anglers dream, not big carp but fighters.

Eastleigh and District Angling Club.

Selection of rivers and still waters, some restricted to week day fishing ONLY. A variety of fishing styles required, give it a go!

Petworth & Bognor A.C

A varied selection of waters.

Stedham A.C

A Local Club with both Stillwaters & Rivers to fish.

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