General Club Rules 2022

  1. A Current Membership book must be carried at all times. Rod Licenses must be produced on request from an official EA bailiff. Members books must be produced on request by either a club bailiff or member. Any person without a book may be asked to leave.

  2. All persons on Pdac waters must be registered with the club or have possession of either a Membership, Exchange or a Complimentary permit.

  3. Members 16 and under may only use one (1) rod and must always be accompanied by an adult member in the same or adjacent swim, Juvenile members must remain in the same swim as the adult member at all times.

  4. Fishing from defined swims only.

  5. No trees, reeds, rushes or other vegetation may be cut or trimmed. If there is a problem please inform the warden or bailiff.

  6. No more than two rods may be used (unless stated otherwise).

  7. Landing nets and unhooking mats must be dry on arrival & carried at all times by all members . Landing nets must be a minimum size of 24” on the shortest side of the triangle or 22” diameter on pan nets, members may use discretion if these are suitable to land larger fish. Where fish are larger than 10lb, a larger net is required.

  8. Keep nets are banned for the use for Carp, except at authorised competitions when the position and number will be specified by the organiser, or where water rules allow. Keep nets are permitted on the rivers.

  9. No  fish to be allowed to come into contact with the ground. The minimum size of approved unhooking mat is 24”x36”. All anglers must have some form of mat.

  10. Disgorgers and artery forceps must be carried and available for use at all times.

  11. No braided mainline permitted except for lure fishing.

  12. No leadcore permitted unless otherwise stated.

  13. Tailors & Gaffs are prohibited.

  14. Members must carry fish care kits.

  15. No coarse fish may be taken away and all must be safely returned to the water.

  16. No natural nut baits to be used on Pdac waters, except in new Carp rules for Harting Combe.

  17. Bread may be used a hookbait. Max 1pint crumb/liquidised used only during Nov/Dec/Jan & Feb. All remaining bread must be taken away and not thrown into the water or left on the bank-side on either Pdac or other waters.

  18. A maximum of 1kg of dry particle baits can be used at any one time. All dry particle baits must be fully soaked and boiled before use.

  19. 2kg mixed groundbait max

  20. No surface baits, unless otherwise stated.

  21. No tins, bottles or plastic containers are to left behind. Equipment and belongings should have a tidy appearance when fishing.

  22. Members are responsible for any litter found in a swim. It must be left clean and tidy, free from any item likely to harm wildlife.

  23. No tackle to be left in the water unobserved or left baited out of the water.

  24. No wading permitted (except in the rivers).

  25. Night fishing is only allowed at Harting Combe. (Please read the Harting Combe rules).

  26. No unauthorised use of any type of bait boat or remote controlled device.

  27. No fires or Barbeques are allowed.

  28. Audio/Visual equipment may only be used with headphones.

  29. Bailiff’s reserve the right to interpret the rules according to the circumstances.

  30. Any member who is asked by a bailiff to stop fishing or leave must do so.

  31. No dogs permitted (accept for assistance dogs).

  32. Anti-social behaviour, bad language, any consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs will not be tolerated. Members must not enter into direct confrontation with the  public, dog walkers or other anglers.

  33. Any PDAC member deemed to have committed an act of gross misconduct will face disciplinary action and may be banned from all PDAC waters.

  34. All vehicles must display a club parking permit.     

  35. Any Pdac water may be shut without prior notice at the discretion of the Fisheries Manager or Pond Wardens, once sanctioned by the Pdac Committee.

  36. Guest tickets are no longer available for any Pdac water.




Fly fishing is permitted from 3rd April to 31st October, with fishing before 16th June by fly only. Due to low stock levels, all trout must be returned to the water.

Please check each venue for further rules.