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Apply now to join our Voluntary Bailiff Team


The Pdac are seeking voluntary bailiffs for the 2024/5 season, the ideal candidate(s) would be someone who is retired or semi-retired with plenty of free time, but this is not essential.

Volunteers must be a club member of 12 months or more, with good interpersonal & communication skills and able to use discretion where required.

The role includes checking membership permits, making sure members are complying to the rules set for each venue, the recommended fishing equipment is used correctly and to report to the Fisheries Manager of any infringements of rules.

Other duties include reporting to the Fisheries Manager/Water Warden of any maintenance that requires attention.

Volunteers offering to cover multiple venues with regular visits would be preferred and those offering to cover a single water offering regular visits will also be considered.

For further information or an appointment to meet with the Fisheries Manager; please contact Peter Lemon on 07748 846 275 or just simply submit an application via the submissions form below.

All current bailiffs are required to re-apply through the same process for 2024/5.

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