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 Chichester Ship Canal
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The stretch of canal between the Basin and Donnington is popular for its coarse fishing and competitions are often held in the season.

It is always fishable, there is no closed season. Both pleasure and competition anglers can be accommodated and the venue offers access to those with limited mobility. The canal holds stocks of Roach, Rudd, Perch, Bream, Tench, Pike and Eels.

The Canal can be fished from 8:00am to 8:00pm, between the Chichester Bypass Bridge and Donnington Road Bridge.

Fishing from the Towpath side of the Canal at all times, fishing is not permitted from the fields on opposite sides.

From 1st October to 31st March, fishing is permitted North of Chichester Road Bridge, including the Basin, But not from the pontoons.

Please do not obstruct to Towpath and all general water rules apply.

Parking is available next to Hunston Canoe Club, its tucked away to the right  of the club house on the bend of the road.

Canal Rules 

1.    An Environment Agency Rod Licence is required to fish the Canal and must be shown on demand to an Environment Agency Fisheries Officer or the Canal Fishing Bailiff.

2.    It is also necessary to purchase an annual or day Chichester Ship Canal Permit as appropriate from the Canal Centre or the Canal Fishing Bailiff prior to fishing.

3.    Permit holders are entitled to fish from 8.00am to 8.00pm between Chichester By Pass Bridge and Donnington Road Bridge from the towpath only between 1 April and 30 September. From 1 October until 31 March, fishing is permitted from the towpath north of

the By-Pass Bridge and in the Basin. Fishing is not permitted on the Basin pontoons.

4.    Children under twelve years can only fish when accompanied by a responsible adult.

5.    Everyone fishing must be aware at all times of all other users of the Canal whether walkers, cyclists or boaters.

They should respect everyone’s right to use and enjoy the Canal and take heed not to threaten the health and safety of anyone including themselves. The towpath must not be obstructed or damaged.

6.    Trip boats must pass without any threat of entanglement.

7.    Fishing is not allowed from boats.

8.    Night fishing is allowed with the Ship Canal Trust’s or Bailiff’s permission, but not near residential areas.

9.    No fly fishing is allowed due to the proximity of the public towpath.

10.    All fish must be returned to the Canal. Keep nets must be no less than 2 metres in length and at least 38cm across the bottom ring.

11.    No fish including pike may be removed from or introduced to the Canal.

12.    All freshwater baits can be used for coarse fishing. Pike Fishing must have sea bait only.
Live bait is not allowed. No fish other than seawater species may be used as bait in the Canal.

13.    Use of lead weights up to and including 28.35g (1oz) is prohibited. Only barbless hooks can be used.

14.    Fish showing signs of distress must be returned to the water immediately.

15.    No radios, airguns or other firearms are permitted.

16.    Cars must not be parked so as to block access to the Canal or to private property.

17.    All litter and discarded tackle must be removed from the fishery or deposited in the litter bins provided.

Pdac members must produce permits on request.


Hunston, West Sussex.

Car Park at Huston

Car Park at Huston

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