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Junior News

Saturday 15th July

PDAC vs GAS Junior Inter-Club match was held on Nyewood Bottom Pond with nine young anglers representing their clubs.

The weather conditions with blustery winds and showers had made it very hard, with everyone opting for the method feeder at distance, although some had targeted the margins on the pole at times with some success and everyone had caught.

Some anglers were experiencing match fishing for the first time, PDAC’s Luke Hellyer had only pleasure fished on two previous occasions; and PDAC’s siblings Jack & Luke Hales had only started angling this season after attending one of the clubs free “GET FISHING” campaigns and a couple of recent Teach-in sessions and all three had shown some great skills for angling novices.

For some of the younger anglers, assistance by accompanying parents was accepted, although stiff match rules were to be adhere to and this had been a great learning experience for many.


PDAC’s Finley Tester (peg13) had shown a commanding performance and seemed untouchable throughout, fishing at distance on the method feeder.

Godalming member, Cameron Eadie (peg15) had a slow start, but had a good spell catching Carp, also on the method at distance to keep in with a possible top three finish.


Onto the weigh-in, the weights were surprisingly good, considering the weather conditions, PDAC’s Luke Hellyer (peg2) weighed in with a respectable weight to take the lead at 48.07 with some good sized Carp. PDAC’s Emily Hankin (peg19) had some success in the margin on the pole with four Carp and Silvers weighing in with 26.09, this had put the PDAC team in a good position for points.

Moving round to peg 13 with PDAC’s Finley Tester, everyone knowing he had two big nets of fish; anticipation and excitement by all had shown. His first net, with the silvers added was declared at 40.01, but the second net when hauled out, had Finley showing concerns for breaching the maximum net weight limit, once lifted onto the scales and showing 56lb+, the adjudicator had declared the net DQ (disqualified), but Finley’s remaining weight had put the team in a commanding lead.

Last to weigh in was GAS’s Cameron Eadie, he had worked hard for a good weight of 53.00 of Carp and what turned out to be the official winning match weight.


The Weights and points were counted and verified, match official Mr Andy Reed presented vouchers to the top three anglers (Cameron Eadie, Luke Hellyer & Finley Tester) and declared Petersfield as the winning team (9pts-18pts) and overall winners of the two legged event (36-46).

Full match results and photos are below.


The Pdac wish to thank Dave Ewing & the Godalming team, as we hope that this Inter-club match continues and becomes a regular annual event.

The Pdac Development team wish to thank all juniors that had attended both matches, the aim of this type of event is to offer the thrills & spills of the match angling scene and we hope this was a great learning and enjoyable experience for everyone


Saturday 24th June

Another successful weekend for our Juniors, a team event, hosted by Godalming AS on Richardson’s Lake at Godalming’s Marsh Farm Fishery.
Both clubs had fielded a team of five anglers, most found it hard for bites with the heat making it hard fishing.
Despite the conditions, both teams had made a great effort in representing their clubs.
Godalming’s Michael Ewing on peg 10 was the individual winner on the day, but Petersfield’s Dominic Davies (peg17) & Finley Tester (peg13) worked hard for second and third respectively, to put the team in a good position for points.

Once the weigh-in was completed and all the anglers were present and a quick recount of points, Godalming’s Mr Dave Ewing declared Petersfield as the winners with only one point separating both teams.

The Pdac wish to thank Dave Ewing, his team and Godalming AS for inviting our juniors to Marsh Farm, the event was well organised and we look forward to the return match at Nyewood Ponds on Saturday 15th July.

Any Junior members wishing to participate in the return match, registration is now open on the events page of the website.

Pdac Development Programme team.

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