A small pond that contains Carp, Tench, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Crucian carp and some Goldfish.


Bopeep is setup as a training lake, and is still available for members to fish.

If tuition classes are booked for the water, members are asked not to fish on these days.


The Pond has CCTV and a secure parking area, which the gate must be locked at all times 

Venue Rules.

No guests are permitted, members only.

1. Fishing from dawn to dusk.

2. Fishing from defined swims only.

3. No alteration of bankside or swims.

4. 1 rod only (a 2nd rod or pole may be set up).

5. Keepnets may be used for Silverfish only (5 hrs max, check website for occasional temporary ban).

6. Barbless hooks only.

7. No boilies, peas, beans, or nut baits. Only crushed hemp, sweetcorn and pellets may be used.

8. Natural baits can be used i.e. maggots, casters, worm and bread

(no bloodworm or joker).

9. Maximum 1kg dry groundbait and pellet (no pre-baiting, please check website for occasional restrictions).

10. All bait in bait boxes, no tins, cans, glass jars etc.

11. No litter. All rubbish must be taken away please.

12. Members aged 16 and under to be accompanied at all times by a fully paid adult member, senior citizen member or an associate member and must fish in the same swim.

13. Guest tickets are currently unavailable.

14. All vehicles must display a club parking permit.

15. All general water rules apply (please check general rules).


Please note. This ponds main use is for training purposes, if any tuition classes are to take place, can members keep the pond clear for this use. 

Swim 1. View from Road