Chairman's Chat 

A brief look back on the past few weeks and the weeks  ahead with Steve Chapman

June 2021.

So two months and it would seem that the British weather wants to throw a spanner in the works straight away. Just when the 16th June arrives and we can get back on the rivers it pours down with rain, I did try and get on the river and when I arrived it looked ok with just a hint of colour but within an hour it had turned chocolate and was pushing through, but at least I tried.

Earlier in the month we had seen the hot spell that has allowed the fish to spawn on our waters and we were able to close Coombe for a couple of weeks just to allow the fish to recover from there exertions.

Booking System

It would seem that some of the membership think that the booking system is still in place for our waters, please be aware that you now only have to book on East Pond or if you are fishing nights on Coombe.  

All of our other waters are fully open to fish when you want to.


I would also like to ask members to refrain from feeding our feathered friends on our waters, it just encourages them that bait is food for them and we do not want any accidents happening.

Bopeep Pond

Please also note that we have introduced a temporary ground bait and keep net ban on BoPeep due to the water levels.

On the club front July is going to be a busy month, we have the Night match at Coombe on the 17/18th July followed the following weekend by a weekend work party at Coombe again to start the process of replacing the swim fronts from peg 1 to 6. The water will be closed on the Saturday and Sunday am but we would hope that we will see some of you to come and help.
This is then followed by what is one of the highlights of the club year, we are again holding a junior open on Nyewood on Saturday 31st July this was a great the last time we ran it so I am hoping for a big turnout and a special day again. 

I would also ask that during these changing weather conditions if you are on our waters and notice fish in distress or just behaving strangely please call one of the numbers in your hand book and report it.

Can I also remind you we would like to see any catch reports from any of our waters as this can help other members with their choice of where to fish and helps promote the club and its waters as well. 

Last but not least to all of you fishing Nyewood we would ask that you approach the lakes from the Nyewood village end please if at all possible.

Tight Lines

Steve Chapman