Chairman's Chat 

A brief look back on the past few weeks and the weeks  ahead with Steve Chapman

September 2020  Chairmans Chat


Well another month has passed and I do not think I could have a imagined what has happened over the last few weeks.

Across the country the changes in weather saw Angling clubs all over the country trying to keep their lakes oxygenated and the fish stocks healthy.

My thanks must go out to the small band of volunteers that stepped up when the call came and sourced pumps generators and manpower to save all of our waters from major fish kills.

It was BoPeep that first showed signs of fish distress on the 15th August, and unfortunately we lost a approx 100 small fish and a few smaller carp.

Luckily the club had just invested in an oxygen testing kit with the help of the EA, Keith Tupman did the rounds of all our waters straight away, and the reading obtained meant we caught the issue quickly and pumps were installed at Bo Peep and Coombe immediately.

Volunteers stayed on the Coombe for three days and nights keeping the pumps running 24/7.

I would like to thank Tom Johnson who rang his boss and got us a loan generator at a moments notice and let us have it for the whole time.

We also managed to get generators and pumps installed in Nyewood top pond on the Sunday, thanks going to Darren Stone for this.

Overall this was a fantastic effort and without all the guys that helped it could have been a very different result.

As we all know the weather then changed and rains came so after a week we were able to reopen Nyewood in time for the Junior/Youth Open and Coombe was opened a couple of days later.

As I type it has been decided to reopen Bo Peep but with some new restrictions on baits etc so please look at the website and noticeboards before you fish.


The Junior and youth open match went ahead last Saturday with young anglers from as far away as Southampton turning up to fish. Although weights were lower than expected a fantastic day was had by all, again without all the club volunteers this event would not have happened.

I would like to add my personal thanks to both Andy Reed and Shaun Ireland for organising and running the event.


Club Water Rules.

Please can all members make sure they have the correct equipment when fishing our waters.

Your landing nets must be of the correct size, everyone must have an unhooking mat, and I would advise that all anglers carry a fish care kit. Please see the handbook for both net and mat minimum sizes.

Also we are still finding large leads and braided hooklinks being used at Nyewood, braided line/hooklinks are banned and we will continue to check all anglers.

The reason we know it is still being used is that although checks have not highlighted any rule breakers as yet fish have been caught trailing lost tackle including braid and 2oz plus leads, why use 2 oz I cannot fathom as I could cast Nyewood end to end on either lake with this !!!

Please be warned if you are found to be using braid on Nyewood you will be asked to leave the water and you will face disciplinary action that could result in loss of your membership.



Mill Rythe Pond

Please note that this pond has been closed until further notice whilst major works are carried out on the site. If you do try and get on the water it could be classed as trespass.


If any of you are interested there is a night match on Coombe 5th Sept check the website and book in and maybe I will see you there.


The committee will be meeting next week and we will again be discussing the booking in system and the rules we put in place at the start of COVID 19, if we decide on any changes these will be passed on to the membership straight away.


I would ask that if any of you that are fishing on our waters notice any issues with either the waters or fish health please advise one of the committee straight away, you are our eyes and ears when we are not on the waters,


Thats it for now, see you on the bank sometime


Steve Chapman

PDAC Chairman

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