Match Results 2019/20

19th Apr 2019
Vs Dorking AS. Angling Times Super Cup event
28th April 2019
Pdac Feeder Only Match (1)
4th May 2019
Three Valleys Match
5th May 2019
Oakhanger away
Tri-Challenge Knockout Rules
Tri-Challenge Knockout Rules
12th May 2019
Silverfish Match (1)
2nd June
Pdac Away Match
8th June 2019
Club Match
22nd June 2019
Pdac Float Only Match
30th June 2019
Silverfish Match (2)
6th July 2019
Drawn Pairs Match
21st July 2019
Pdac Vs Haslemere AS
27th July 2019
Away Match (2) FLE
4th August 2019
Pdac Vs Chichester
10th Aug 2020
Silverfish Match (3)
18th August 2019
FLE Romsey
27th August 2019
Tri-Challenge Knockout Update
1st Sept 2019
Pdac Away Match (4) BillHook
7th Sept 2019
12 Hour Night Match
22nd Sept 2019
Pdac Float Only Match (2)
6th Oct. 2019
HAS Vs ThePdac
12th Oct. 2019
Chichester Vs The Pdac
19th Oct 2019
12 Hr Night Match
27th Oct 2019
Old Windsor
10th Nov. 2019
Pdac Vs Oakhanger
16th Nov 2019
Pdac Club Match
17th Nov 2019
Tri-Challenge Pt1
17th Nov 2019
Tri-Challenge Pt2
8th Dec. 2019
Pdac Xmas Match
1st Jan 2020
New Years Day Match
12th Jan 2020
Pdac Club Match
17th Jan 2020
Challenge Knockout 1
17th Jan 2020
Challenge Knockout 2
26th Jan 2020
Pdac Away Match 4
23rd Feb. 2020
Predator Match
1st Mar 2020
Mystery Away Match
8th Mar 2020
Pdac Feeder Only Match
15th Mar 2020
Knockout Challenge Final
22nd Mar. 2020
Away Match
24th Mar 2020
Away Series Standings
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