Chairman's Chat 

A brief look back on the past few weeks and the weeks  ahead with Steve Chapman

With all the doom and gloom about at the moment I thought I would start with some good news from my point of view.

I was absolutely astounded at the recent turn out to out AGM, over 50 members turned up and showed their support for what we as a committee and a club as a whole are trying to achieve for both the club and for you the members.
Covid -19
As we are all in this together it has been with heavy heart that we have had to close our waters, but if we are to get through this and come out the other side we must protect all of us, so that when the time comes we can get back out and enjoy our waters again soon.

Also all social evenings will be cancelled until further notice.
As agreed at the AGM the gate codes will now change each year on 1st May so once the waters reopen the gate codes will be different from that date. All the new codes will be in the 2020/21 handbook.
PDAC Committee
I would like to just give a personal thanks to Trevor Irons for his help and support over the last few years on the PDAC committee and hope that now he has left the committee he continues to enjoy his fishing on our waters.

I would also like to welcome Jamie Foster and Pete Lemon to the committee It is great to have a younger face in Jamie as this is where I future lies and to welcome Pete back after a few years his experience and enthusiasm will be invaluable.
Work Parties
The first work party at Coombe was well attended and a lot of work done, thanks to Adi for the tea and bacon butties made a proper day of it and enjoyable as well.
Pike Fishing
I would like to just mention what was posted on social media, we found two lure tied directly to nylon in total contradiction of our rules, you must use a wire trace.  Let me make myself clear anyone caught fishing this way will be banned from the club.

A Special Thanks
I would also like to thank all those nominated for the clubman of the year, for all their efforts and contributions they have made to help keep the club moving forward, and they are:

Andy Reed, Graham Potter, Kris Collins, Clive Blount, Arnie Warsop,          Geoff Grimes, Shaun Ireland, Sam Johnson, Peter Marchant, Den Parker,    Alan Parker, Ted Gray, Karen Leech, Peter Leech & Nick Brickwood.

Lets hope we can have our presentation evening and enjoy celebrating all of the achievements of 2019/20
Lets hope we can get through this trying time and I will see you on the bankside soon,
Tight lines
Steve Chapman


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