Pdac Junior Open 

31st July 2021 - Nyewood Ponds


After the success of last years event, there were high hopes for the Junior Open that took place last weekend. We had a total of nine anglers fishing, five being from Petersfield and the remaining Juniors from neighbouring clubs.

Due to the lower number of anglers compared to last year we decided to hold the match on the Bottom Pond at Nyewood with the hope that some of the lakes bigger residents would make an appearance.

The match was split into 2 x Sections, Juniors aged 8-12 and Juniors aged 13-16.

The winner of each section would receive a £20 Voucher and Trophy. We also decided to run a prize for best silvers weight during the match which would be a £10 voucher. On top of these prizes throughout the day, the committee and volunteers would pick 2 x anglers who they felt deserved the Mannings Award.

The match started at 10:00 and it was not long before Petersfield’s Arthur Ireland was into the first Carp of the match in Peg 12, this was then quickly followed by Lewis Moore (Gosport) putting 2 quick carp in the net using the method feeder. One of which was a respectable 8lb. After the first hour things slowed up ever so slightly on the carp front and a few of the Juniors began to catch some silver fish on the whip.

Zachary Darrington (PDAC) in Peg 3 had an unexpected carp shoulder his way into the shoal of silvers and a short fight unfortunately resulted in a lost carp.

Down in Peg 1 Nathaniel Laskowski (PDAC) was catching Roach and Rudd at an extremely quick rate and slowly but surely building a nice weight of silvers.

Arthur Ireland then changed methods to the waggler and caught a couple more carp and at the halfway point looked to be the leader.

In Peg 15 was Alife Swieton (Feltham & Twickenham/Royal Berkshire Fisheries) who got off to a slow start, however a quick look on the Long Pole with 6mm pellets resulted in a well-deserved 14lb Mirror Carp. This was then followed by another double figure carp. In no time at all, these 2 fish had then moved young Alfie into lead with around 25lb in the first 2 hours.

Alfie then changed his tactics to mugging using an 8mm pellet which produced a further 2 big double figure carp with the biggest being a 15lb 5oz Common Carp. This put him in a commanding lead with around 55lb from 4 fish.

In Peg 5, Petersfield’s Freddie Coulson who at this stage had 1 carp in the net from fishing the rod, changed his approach and decided to go down his margin on the pole fishing corn over groundbait.

As an angler there is no better than seeing the float bury when edge fishing and it certainly was no different for Freddie who after about 15 mins of waiting down the edge was rewarded with a lovely 8lb carp.

Going into the last hour, Petworth & Bognor’s Cody Hughes in Peg 8 had also turned his attention to his right hand edge under the tree.

One thing was for sure there wasn’t a shortage of bites from the carp down there, it was just tough work trying to stop them bolt off down into the top corner of the pond.

In Peg 7 was Aaron Vidler (PDAC) who up to the last hour had also unfortunately struggled to snare a carp. Reverting back to rod and line tactics in the last hour in the hope of getting a carp seemed to be a smart move as the rod had only been out a few minutes before it wrapped round with a nice 8lb carp on the end.


Over in Peg 3, Zach was also fishing the feeder and had managed to land a nice carp. Arthur down in peg 12 was also putting a few more smaller carp into his net for a total of 8 on the day.

The last hour of the match is always a very important time as this can be where anglers can go from last to first in the matter of a couple of fish, this was proven as Alfie in peg 15 put another 4 carp in his net to extend his lead. Freddie Coulson added another carp from the edge to his net. However, it was

Archie Mann (Portsmouth) who made a very impressive comeback in the last hour fishing the feeder which resulted 5 carp and boosted his weight significantly.

The whistle signalling the end of the competition was blown at 14:00, this meant that all anglers must take their lines out of the water unless they have hooked a fish and are still playing it.

The final results were:


Congratulations to Alfie and Arthur winning their sections, the winner of the biggest silverfish weight was Nathaniel whose 8lb was made of up of solely roach and rudd.


Congratulations also must go out to Zachary & Nathaniel who won the Mannings Award.

I would like to personally thank everyone who attended and hope you all enjoyed your day.

Also a big shout out to the members of the committee who were in attendance along with the volunteers who helped out on the day, without the support from you guys this event would not be possible.

A huge thank you to Apollo Angling & Mannings Tackle.

Tight Lines


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