Harting Combe

4 acre pond in a lovely woodland setting.
This pond contains Carp to 30lb, Tench to 8lb, Pike to 24lb and a selection of other fish such as Bream, Roach, Rudd and Perch. 

Parking for the lake is only allowed in the car park adjacent to the roadside and the gateway is to be closed at all times.

Night Fishing:

Combe is currently our only water that allows night fishing.
Anglers fishing at night must be booked in.
To book in either phone:

                                        Steve Chapman 07510 676729

                                        Andy Reed 07747 848569

      or send a request on facebook at least 48hrs in advance.
Fishing will be permitted for up to 48hours with a maximum of 6 anglers on any one night.

Fishing a night without being booked will result in being asked to leave.

Lake Rules: 
1. Keepnets can be used (5hrs max) for silver fish only, must be fish friendly.
2. 2 rods to be used, 3 rods allowed from 1st Oct- 31st March (except for pike)
3. only 2kg dry ground bait & 1pt of pellet permitted.
4. Fishing from defined swims only.
5. Barbless or micro barbed hooks only.
6. No nut baits of any kind & all other particles baits to be prepared correctly, a limit of 2 kilo (dry) per session, 
No floating baits.
7. Boilies may be used ( 1 kilo max per 24hrs ).
8. No tins, cans, or glass jars etc.
10. Juniors under 16 to be accompanied at all times by an adult.
11. Night fishing from dusk to dawn, (a third rod can be used at night (6 Anglers Max.)
12. The public footpath must be kept clear at all times.
13. No carp to be retained, except in competition (10lbs max ).
14. Feeders must be free running. 
15. Pike fishing from 1st September to 31st March (all pike rules apply).
16. Max stay limited to 48 hours.
17. Guest tickets now available to fish both day and night (48hrs max for non members) £10.00 for 12 hours, £15.00 for 24 hours, £25.00 for 48 hours.

18. Each member can obtain 2 guest tickets per season & must accompany that guest at all times. Individual guests will be allowed a maximum of 2 x 48 hour tickets per season.

19.  Half price concession is available for guests who are entitled (i.e. Disabled, Senior Citizens, Juniors etc). Bookings for guests must be made 72 hours in advance.

20. General water rules apply.  

Carp & Night Anglers rules.

1. A minimum of 15lb mainline

2. Barbed & Micro barbed hooks only, size 4 Max.

3. No fixed lead systems.

4. Leadcore leaders for Carp fishing only.

5. All agreed particle baits must be prepared correctly.

6. Prepared nut baits can be used as hook baits only, Peanuts however are Banned.

7. No floating baits to be used if waterfowl are present, any member found doing so, will be Banned.

8. Night fishing is from dusk to dawn, night anglers can use 3 rods between the hours of 9pm - 7am, or dusk to dawn depending of the year.

9. 3 rods are allowed between the months of October to March, unless it encroaches on another anglers water.

10. Night lights are limited to one per swim, and must not cause offence to others.

11. Maximum stay on water is 48 hours.

12. Carp must be released as soon as possible after capture, they can be retained in a proper floating carp sling/net for purpose of taking photo's for a maximum of 10 minutes.

13. Members must be in possession of a padded carp mat when fishing, the minimum size of 24" x 36" and a minimum landing net of 42".

14. All Carp anglers must carry a carp care kit and treat any hook holds or visual damge to fish.

15. No braided mainline.

16. No fishing directly into the Lillypads at any time.

17. Night Anglers must book in before they arrive at the venue with the night bailiffs, a maximum of 6 anglers per night.

18. All other general water rules apply.  

The above section only apply to Carp & Night Anglers.

Harting Coombe

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