AUTUMN  SKIES  by Andy Reed 

Summer has finally slipped away, & the misty mornings have arrived. 

The first match of September was a night match held at Harting Coombe, as I was away on holiday I had my right hand man Kris Collins run the match for me,  thankyou Kris for doing the honours. 

With a reasonable turn out ( 9 fished ) hopes were for a good overnight result, but Harting Coombe did its usual deed & didn't fish as well as was hoped for, with 2 members not having a touch all night. 

The top 3 results are as follows :- 

1st Pete Lemon 29lbs 13 oz       

2nd  Kris Collins 24lbs 9oz     

3rd  Pete Jones 21lbs 10oz

The Navy came back to Nyewood the following week for a 2nd session on a Wednesday, & fished from lunchtime into the evening.

Sadly I haven't got any result details, but I gather they had a good evening on the top pond. 


As we haven't been running a proper match programme since the start of the Covid situation, I decided not to run the 2nd Silverfish match at Harting Coombe, because the first one had not gone ahead.


The next match we had was the away match at Dandy's Ford, I wasn't a 100% it was going to go ahead but John the owner assured me it would be fine. 

Its a venue that I haven't fished for many years, & there are a few rule changes that I had to be made aware of, but in general it was the same venue I remember.

My biggest disappointment was because of social distancing, the Cafe was shut. The breakfasts were great, & the Cake !!!!!!! well you couldn't think about a diet with the cake they used to sell.

I think all fisheries are suffering from pressure at the moment, & Dandys is just another fishery having these problems.

The weights were not brilliant, but having said that if we all had landed some of the fish we had hooked, it would be a different matter, these fish must be on steroids.

The top 3 results are as follows :-

1st Keith Wimbleton 68lbs  5oz      

2nd Charlie Gaudion 36lbs  13oz      

3rd Nick  Brickwood 30lbs  9oz 

We are now upto date with the next match being on Sunday 27th Sept, which is the 2nd round of the F.L.E. Tri Challenge competition.

I will report on this in next month's newsletter & we are hoping for some big weights, so keep fingers crossed. 

I have been asked if I should be running matches during the Covid restrictions, & the new rulings that have been implemented & if this could be a breach of them. I have said that if the club wishes me to stop, or the Angling Trust advises that we should , then of course I will do so.


Some of the match group have asked if we could have a few matches on Nyewood & Coombe now as we haven't had many on the waters, I will talk to the committee & see how they feel & let you all know in good time.

Sorry its been a bit of a short report, but I will try & find something more for next month, till then take care be safe, & enjoy your fishing.




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