They always say that you take the rough with the smooth, well most of the time that's the case, but the recent matches seem to be more rough than smooth. As we came into October it has turned out to be a busy month for matches. We started off with the second silver fish match & the next away match at Orchard Place Farm in Kent. There were only 12 of us on the lake so we were hoping for a good day, sadly it didn't happen. There are times when l think, am l ever going to have a good day, well the next match was a good day for me, & l will get to that shortly. The top weights on the silvers/away match were as follows:

1st Graham Potter 19lbs - 13oz

2nd Will Abernethy 16lbs - 8oz

3rd George Brickwood 11lbs - 2oz


The next match was the first round of the FLE Tri Challenge at the fishery in Romsey. The 18 competitors were split between the two canal ponds, red & blue.

The fishing was average, & the weights were not as substantial as normal, but the blue canal produced better weights than the red one. In the next round which is this Saturday, the competitors will swap canals so it will be interesting to see how well they fish this time. The top 3 on both canals were as follows: -

Red Canal

1st Andy Reed 47lbs - 14oz

2nd Graham Potter 33lbs - 2oz

3rd Geoff Grimes 29lbs - 2oz

Blue Canal

1st George Brickwood 108lbs - 8oz

2nd Pete Jones 97lbs - 9oz

3rd Grant Thorne 73lbs - 3oz

After the 2nd round the top 16 will go through to the final on the Horseshoe lake in November.

On to the next match, which was the next away match on our fixtures list. It was held at Watmore Farm, 23 competitors took part, & yet again the fishing didn't come up to its usual standard.

Watmore is known for its great weights of silverfish, but even they didn't show in many numbers.

The top 3 were as follows: -

1st Grant Thorne 38lbs - 5oz

2nd Clive Richards 25lbs - 8oz

3rd Pete Lemon 21lbs - 0oz


The final match to report on was our team match against Chichester at Nyewood. We had a full team of 12, but the opposition turned up with only 3. This is always a dampener as it makes all the efforts to organise these things a waste really, especially when 2 of them leave before the end. Team matches work on a points system, so here are the points from the day.

Petersfield 45pts

Chichester 4pts


Till next time, tight lines