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In my last report I said the next match that was coming up was the last match January, & this was the 2nd Silverfish match on the top pond at Nyewood.

Only 7 fished the match & I kept everyone down the bottom end in the deeper water. Conditions had been cold & fresh rain during the night didn't help in any way. I split the guys into 2 sections on either side of the pond & started the match. It was hard going & sadly the weights were poor due to the weather we had. On the day the results were as follows: -

Sec A   1st Paul Etherington 6lbs 10oz / 2nd Kris Collins 4lbs 12oz

Sec B   1st Pete Lemon 7lbs 2oz / 2nd Steve Parkin 14oz


Into February the first match we had was the Committee Cup, that was held at Springbok Fishery Nr Cranleigh.                                                                                                       I had arranged with the office at the venue for us to have a bacon roll & cuppa before we did the draw, & after the match a light buffet in the canteen/bar area.

As before due to the weather we have had the fish seemed reluctant to feed, as we would have hoped. There was speculation that I had been harsh on our president           Mr Mike Parr for putting him in a swim that had put him at a disadvantage. " Well it was a disabled swim ", & there was talk of mistreatment on my part, but I was innocent ...Honest!!!!!                                                                                

Anyway the match finished in good spirits, & the results were as follows: -

1st Steve Chapman (Chairman) 24lbs 5oz

2nd Darren Stone (P.I.T.A.) 24lbs 3oz

3rd Andy Reed (really nice bloke) 16lbs 3oz


The next match was the New Years Match that had been postponed due to the river at Iping being flooded. We instead went over to Billhook at Odiham, & again I split the guys into 2 sections. & we fished the better end of the lake. 9 fished the match & although the weights were below standard, we all caught.

Sec A winner: Kris Collins 12lbs 1oz (beating Jim Stevens by an ounce)

Sec B winner: Dean Anneveld   14lbs 10oz

Top silvers: Andy Reed 13lbs 8oz


The following week we went up to Gold Valley which was the 14th Away Match. We were fishing on the Causeway Bank of Middle Pond, there were 14 fishing, so I split the match into 2 sections. There had yet again been more rain, which seemed to switch the fish off, I personally didn't have a bite till the last half hour. At the weigh in there were some very close weights to each other & the results ended like this: -

Sec A 1st Jim Stevens 32lbs 0oz / 2nd Dean Anneveld 20lbs 7oz

Sec B 1st Jim Stone 19lbs 2oz / 2nd Jason Jones 17lbs 13oz 


The final Match in February was the 3rd & final Silverfish match, this was held at the Pump Station (NMG) at Greatham.

Darren Stone & Kris Collins did the honours running the match for me, with 15 fishing, split into 3 sections

Cold weather & rain didn't help matters on the day, but it seemed one spot proved better to fish than the rest. The results were as follows: -

Sec A winner: Dean Anneveld 21lbs 15oz

Sec B winner: Pete Jones 19lbs 15oz

Sec C winner: Dan Blackwell 30lbs 7oz


The last 2 matches in March will be at Harting Combe & Todber Manor.

 Ash lake at Todber has been changed to a silverfish venue, but because there are still carp in there, the match on Ash will be all in. Darren will be taking bookings for this match as I will be away. I will report back on these matches next month. I have printed up the new fixtures lists for the 2024/25 season, & will also be in the new handbook.

For those of you that didn't know him, we recently lost Michael (Rasher) Leggatt. He was one of our old school match anglers & a laugh a minute. There are many stories of Rasher & his exploits, he will be greatly missed. 

Till the next time! 

Tight Lines


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