Hi all,

its come to that time again for the next monthly report for the newsletter. I know lots of you think l talk a load of rubbish, & most of the time your right, so when it comes to writing these reports, l have to have my serious head on.
Well now l have finished with that load of dribble, now for the report.


As l mentioned last month the next match on our fixtures was the rearranged match at Pondwood.

A total of 20 members fished it on sections 1, 2, & 3 of the snake lake. We finally found section 1 & although it looked " VERY FISHY " I don't think it had been fished for some time.
After an enjoyable breakfast, we did the draw & everyone went to their peg number. I will thank everyone for following the rules, as we didn't have any issues apart from the fish not playing ball!!!!  

I don't really understand why we needed 4 keepnets, as we certainly didn’t need them all. We all struggled to catch any decent weights, but l suppose that’s why they call it FISHING NOT CATCHING.

I split the pools into section winners & runners up, but the points are from the overall match.

The overall winner was Chris Knight with 20lbs - 12oz from section 3.                                2nd was Kris Collins with 20lbs - 5oz from section 2, & 3rd was Will Abernethy with 18lbs - 6oz also from section 2.

Well done to them, & all the guys fishing a difficult match.

While we were there at the end, l did a draw for the 6 of us who are fishing the regional semi's of the Angling Times Super Cup Competition.

We are fishing the renowned TODBER MANOR, where anglers can weigh over 300lbs in a match if you’re lucky.

We will be fishing on 4 lakes, 2 of the lakes having 2 sections on each, & one section on each of the other 2 lakes. If we can make the top 5 we will go onto the Finals in September at Barston Lakes.


We were meant to be starting the lping evening series, but sadly l cancelled it, because of lack of interest. 

The final match report for June is the Away Match (3) at Watmore Farm, the conditions on the day could have been better, but in general Watmore fished reasonably well.

There weren’t the big catches of Carp that we were expected, but the silver fish didn't disappoint.
The anglers were spread evenly over the lake on the banksides, known as :- CarPark, Stables, & Pylon. If you have fished there before you will understand why. It stayed dry for most of the day, until the last hour when the heavens opened up.
On the day l paid out pools money for the top 2 on each bank, along with the best weight of silvers on the day. All the anglers caught, & the final results were as follows :- 

1st  Pete Jones  20lbs - 6oz
2nd Jackson Edwards 13lbs - 7oz
Silvers - Pete Jones 20lbs - 6 oz

1st Chris Knight 58lbs - 15oz
2nd Keith Wimbleton 41lbs - 6oz
Silvers - Chris Fox 23lbs - 14oz

1st Pete Lemon 64lbs - 11oz
2nd Kris Collins 38lbs - 2oz 
Silvers - Kris Collins 38lbs - 2oz

A final thanks goes to Carol & Andy of Watmore Farm for letting us have the use of their great venue.... Check it out you won't be disappointed.

Looking ahead for July:
12hr Night match on Saturday 17th at Harting Combe, members wishing to partake must book in with Kris Collins.

Saturday 31st Junior Open – Nyewood Ponds, we must stress the importance of such events like this as the Pdac angling club will only remain in existence if we continue to encourage children to take up fishing. We have coaches within the club to help and support everyone…please take advantage of this.
Please, please, please… show your support and encourage your family members and friends to get involved.

Cheers Andy

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