Happy New Year to you all & as we move forward into this new year of 2022, I hope it's going to prove more fruitful.

I have almost completed the match dates & fixtures & updated the match rules for the 2022 season. This has been made easier with the help from Kris Collins & Jamie Foster, with Jamie's contacts we have managed to get some different venues for 2023 season, this is because its so difficult to book venues without doing it several years in advance & it is the only way to secure these bookings. 

I hope to have the new fixtures printed up for the AGM,  so I can hand them out to the match group.

All this information will be printed in the new handbook, so all the members can see them. 


Now I'm not sure how many of you know, but this is our 90th anniversary year.

In 1932 ( & before anyone comments that I was there.... I'm not that old !!! ) the club held its first match held at the Heath. The weights were nowhere near the sort of weights that we would get in later years, but there was still great competition between those early members taking part.

To celebrate this very special occasion the club is arranging a match weekend at Nyewood, on Sat 6th of August we will be holding an " OLD SCHOOL " match on the bottom pond for Senior & former members, On the top pond we will run a " Kids & Parents " match that is open to any of our family members that are new to fishing, & want to try fishing a match.

I will need plenty of helpers on these matches, so please let me know if you can help so we can make this a great day. On the Sunday 7th its an full on match for the match group over both ponds, so fingers crossed for some great weights. Lets make our 90th Anniversary a weekend to remember.


Ok, on to the recent matches, firstly the New Years Match. This was held on the top pond at Nyewood, we had a total of 12 members fishing the match, & as the match progressed it was obvious that the end pegs were the ones that were producing the weights. At the weigh in most of the weight were low apart from  from those end pegs, & on the day the top 3 were as follows :-

1st John Clarke 36lbs - 12oz

2nd Darren Stone 29lbs - 6oz 

3rd Chris Knight 11lbs - 7oz 

The next few matches had to be cancelled  due to bad weather & maintenance work on the venues.

The up & coming Predator match at Harting Combe will be run by Kris Collins, I will send a report on this match in the next newsletter. The last match in February will be the 2nd  Feeder Only match at Nyewood that will be split over the 2 ponds. That's it for now, so till then !


Tight Lines