Match Scene


Hi all, its been a while since we have had a match, our last being the silver fish match at Nyewood where more carp were caught than silverfish. Anyway onto the latest match which was held at Royal Berkshire nr Windsor. I went round the pond to put our peg numbers out, & access a new water to me. Then l had a breakfast, that was very good & great value & plenty of it.

After the draw we made our way to our peg numbers. Once we started it looked like we were in for a good day, sadly it wasn't to be. Not sure why as conditions looked good, but it might have been due to an open match that had been held on the pond tge day before. As well as the top 3, l also paid out pools for the best silvers weight. The top 3 were as follows :-

1st Ben May ...... 49-0-0

2nd Chris Knight ..... 34-8-0

3rd John Coulson .... 31-4-0

Silvers ... Jamie Foster ... 5-6-0


The next match is the next silver fish match that is being held at Orchard Place Farm in Kent. There was concern if we were able to run this because of the fuel situation, but the majority of guys wanted to go ahead with it, so l will report on this next month. 


Now onto something different. I have been asked what the club should do concerning the influx of new members that have joined after the coaching weekend. These new members are total novices, & it is very apparent they need help to improve. As the club's level 2 coach, its up to me to come up with a way of getting these members taught the right way to fish so they improve.

I always have limited time to do this, so l will have to ask for help to do this. Many years ago l used to run a Teach In Club at Herne Farm Leisure Centre to show budding anglers the correct way to fish. It worked well & maybe this is something we could do again, but l am open to suggestions. In the mean time, if you see any of these new members on the bankside struggling, please go & give them some help.


That's it for now, so until next month.


Tight lines Andy