It seems that we can never get it right with the weather, either its boiling hot, humid and uncomfortable or its chucking it down with rain and wind.

These conditions didn't help with our attempt to go through to the finals of the super cup competition.

The band of 6 arrived at Puddledock fisheries after our long drive ready to try our best and to get a good result.

I have to be honest and say we were totally out classed by the other teams, some of them had been there 8 years on the trot and we were fishing guys that had been on the open match circuit for 30 years and boy did it show.

Sadly we didn't make the grade and ended up second to last, but we all did our best and at least there was satisfaction in that.

The point system runs in reverse so the better you do the lower the points, so here is the results.:-

J. Foster                    20lbs-8oz         10pts

G. Brickwood           22lbs-8oz         12pts

W. Abernethy           52lbs-10oz       4pts

K. Collins                   31lbs-4oz         9pts                       

A. Reed                      10lbs-4oz         11pts

G. Thorne                  36lbs-14oz       4pts


1st  Team Martin             20pts

2nd Bills Tackle               23pts

3rd  Whitemoor               26pts

4th  South Cerney          34pts

5th  Johnson Matthey   39pts

6th  Jinx                            40pts

7th  Cheam                       40pts

8th  Haps                           43pts

9th  Greenside                 43pts

10th How's End               49pts

11th Petersfield              50pts

12th Elm Park                 61pts


Better luck next year - You never know!


Old Windsor Vs Pdac

The match against Old Windsor wasn't a mind blowing day as we only had 9 Petersfield guys against 15 Windsor chaps.

No big weights, with the top being 11lbs-8oz, I didnt have the full results, but i dont think the whole combined weight was more than 30lbs in total.


Youth/Junior Open

The junior open match went well and although the heavens opened up first thing, all the kids turned up. It was hard going, with the better weights coming from the top pond.


The winners in the 3 categories were :-

1st         Youth section    Ethan Etherington with 31-0-0

1st         13-16 section    Leo Marriot with 37-6-0

1st         8-13 section      Freddie Coulson with 41-10-0

20 kids fished in total and everyone went away with a medal and a P.D.A.C. cap. There was a prize for the best silverfish net full and this was won by Sophie Thomas.

There was also a prize for the best weight from a young lady and this was won by Charlotte Murphy from Portsmouth and D.A.S

A big thanks must go to Steve Rayson for giving his winnings from a previous match to the juniors, and donation from the match group and committee, support from Steve at Bordon tackle centre and all of those who helped out on the day.

A huge thank you to the club officials and volunteers in helping and making the event a great success.

We look forward to next years event.



Last but not least, the Tri Challenge competition went ahead at F.L.E in Romsey.

19 competitors took part with 6 on the red pond, 6 on the blue and 7 on the top pond.

There were pegs that did better than others and the weights showed. The top weights on each pond were as follows. :-

Blue Pond                                               Red Pond                                                    Top Pond

1st    G.Brickwood   97-5-0          1st     S.Cross            90-6-0                     1st     J.Foster         97-8-0

2nd    B. May             80-8-0          2nd    J.Coulson        89-1-0                     2nd   G.Thorne        86-13-10

3rd    P.Sims              79-13-0        3rd    C.Gaudion       75-9-0                     3rd    K.Collins        84-3-0

The next round will be at the end of September so the anglers will rotate round so they fish on a different pond next time.


We have an away match at Dandy's ford but i'm yet to confirm this, but anyway whatever the outcome, I will report this in the next news letter.


Tight lines


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