WINTER WINDS   by   Andy Reed  

Hi everyone never in my born days have I had to deal with such a frustrating year. We have all had to deal with the Pandemic in one way or another, & I am pleased we still have been able to get outside & enjoy our fishing.

With the lockdown rules it has basically knocked the match fishing scene on the head for our club, & although we have still been able to fish the odd competition.

We have been able to fish some away venues, but it just doesn’t feel like our matches have been in the past.

We have only had the one match just before the 2nd lockdown, & that was the feeder only match at Nyewood.

We had a good turnout for this with a lot of the regulars, plus a few new faces & some from our past.

Conditions were far from Ideal with light rain & strong winds which made the match difficult for many.  I split the match into 4 sections, 2 on the top pond, 2 on the bottom and the weights were not fantastic, but I think most enjoyed the day even with parts of the complex looking like a mud bath.

At the weigh in, it was apparent that the end pegs were the ones that produced the best weights. The weights were as follows: -


 (section A) 1st Will Abernethy 51lbs - 12oz   / 2nd John Clarke 39lbs - 5oz           (section B) 1st Paul Etherington 43lbs - 8oz  /  2nd Grant Thorne 28lbs - 11oz


 (section C) 1st Steve Ashton 42lbs - 2oz / 2nd Darren Stone 15lbs - 9oz               (section D) 1st Ethan Etherington 48lbs - 12oz  /  2nd   Pete Jones 33lbs - 7oz 


All being well we will be able to have our Xmas match weather permitting, & as always please bring some form of gift to hand out at the end of the match, following the social distancing rules, that we have before let’s hope we have a good day.

I won't be doing my normal mince pies & sherry during the match & I won't be doing the best Xmas dressed angler either, because of the social distancing rules, sad I know but safety to all comes first.

Hopefully we will be holding the New Years Day match, but let’s see what the rules we have to follow after Xmas.

I think all matches in the new year will be taken one at a time & I will inform you all on the website if matches are going ahead.

May I wish you all a Happy Xmas & hope you are able to celebrate it.

Let’s hope 2021 is a brighter & happier year for us all!!!!

                                                                                                        Tight Lines  Andy

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