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Nyewood Work Party

With the help of a very small band of volunteers ( 4 men) at today's work party, a start was made to repair swims on the Bottom Pond.

We must reiterate, that ThePdac is a non-profit organisation and we, the ThePdac and it's members are responsible for the up keep of our waters.

Our aim is to get Nyewood and it's surroundings in a satisfactory and safe condition over the winter months.

Please please come and support your club.....we need your help and we can not continue to do this work with only a small group of volunteers, we can achieve so much more, and more hands make light work.

We need to achieve this work at Nyewood before the winter is over, just look at what 4 men achieved today in 3 hours, and the Gate was also repaired too.

A huge thanks to those guys that turned out today.

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