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Swim repairs at Nyewood

Over this winter, we aim to repair swims at Nyewood to a safe & satisfactory condition.

We really could do with seeing a few more volunteers to see this project through to the end.

We are currently running work parties every weekend to ensure this happens.

Repairs to swims on the bottom pond are under way, but its slow going, at the moment we only have 3-4 guys turning up.

We really could do with a few more, just to take the pressure off the regular guys that turn up every month.

We must emphasise, that ThePdac is a non-profit club, and we do not have the finances to hire contractors to carry out the work for us.

If you wish to help out for just one session for a few hours, just get in touch with the club and let us know.

We are also looking for any suitable materials that anyone could donate to the club, Scaffold type Boards, Sleepers, Wood Chippings, Membrane material, Stakes and Metal poles.

It would also be great if anyone that has a mini digger with ticket, that would kindly help out......please get in touch.

Just to remind members, to receive the latest club info, updates & events just subscribe to the website via the subscription button at the bottom of the home page.

ThePdac........Making it Happen.

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