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Match Update

Evening everyone its Andy here, a bit of news for those of you who fish the matches. I have just recieved a confirmation letter from Carole at Bowsaw fishing complex in Odiham about our booking in October & the deposit l have paid to secure Billhook pond for our match. As l said previously it will be £15 all in & l will need the money from everyone at least a month before the match. I will take names on a first come first serve basis, so the sooner you get your name & money to me then you know you have a place. There are limited numbers so you need to be quick, & let me know.

Carole has said she will do bacon or sausage sandwiches plus tea & coffee but l will need to know from us how many people want them. Remember if you order them you will have to pay for them even if you change your mind after. Not sure of the cost, but l don't think it will break the bank.

The rules are as follows for the complex:- 1. All nets MUST be dry before the match commences. 2. 2 x keepnets are required (carpsafe). 3. Barbless hooks ONLY. 4. Treat all fish with respect.

This is a very popular venue so please make the effort.

Tight Lines Andy

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