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The Bopeep Challenge Knockout Draw.

Good afternoon everyone its Andy here. I have just done the draw for the Bo Peep challenge knock out. 14 members have put their names down for the competition so there are 12 drawn matches & 2 byes.

Right the draw is as follows :- 1. Stacy Laurence v Clive Blount. 2. Trevor Irons v Scott Cross. 3. Graham Potter v Andy Reed. 4. Keith Tupman v John Clarke. 5. Will Abernathy v Jim Stevens. 6. Kris Collins v Tony Bowell. The 2 members with a bye in the 1st round are Ian Jennings & Jim Gott.

Ok Stacy needs to contact Clive, Trevor needs to contact Scott, Graham needs to contact me, Keith needs to contact John, Will needs to contact Jim Stevens & Kris needs to contact Tony. Best of luck everyone & you have 4 weeks from today to get the 1st round matches. Cheers Andy

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