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Members Catch Report

Pdac member Chris Weller has been having some success on Harting and here are a few shots of his catches.

A recent quick night last week produced 3 carp to for me. With the largest being a 24lb Mirror. The others were both Mirrors of 18lb 2oz and 16lb 10oz. All fish were caught from close to a small reed bed over a spread of 10mm boilies. 24lb Mirror Below

A few days after my first catch I returned for a short 3hr evening session and managed to find some fish feeding close in near to a large lily bed. I fish small PVA bags near to the activity and was lucky enough to have a brace of carp in the net together! Both fish coming within the first hour! The smaller of the two being this beautiful Koi of 11lbs 4oz The other part of the brace being a 15lb Mirror.

11lb 4oz Koi below

Following on from my recent success I returned again a couple of nights later to find the same area still very active with signs of fish feeding. I once again put a small PVA bag onto the spot and was quickly rewarded with a lovely old character of 23lbs 10oz. A fish believed to be known as ‘Red Line’

Red Line Below

I once again was out doing a quick overnighter on Friday and was lucky enough to land two lovely Mirrors. The largest being the below at 27lbs 10oz

I followed this up at first light with a lovely plump Mirror of 20lbs 4oz

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