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Members Catch Report

Chris Weller is still having some great success on Harting Combe with some quality fish.

Chris Weller:

Just filling you in on a few recent catches I’ve had from the Combe. I’ve been out on a couple of short 3 hour evening sessions in the last couple of weeks, and managed to get the odd quick overnighter in too. Having found some positive fish activity in an area I set about getting some baits into place. I fished small yellow fruity pop ups inside a pva bag of 3mm trout pellets.

18lb 10oz

17lb 10oz

27lb 12oz

21lb 8oz

The Pdac says:

Great reports with pictures like Chris has sent in to us, helps us to monitor how well our waters are fishing.

It is vital that we get some form of positive feedback from our members, and this also shows that Harting Combe has quality fish and it is fishing well.

We urge our members to keep sending in photos and their catch reports, no matter how big or small the fish are, we want to know how you are experiencing your time on the club waters.

Well Done to Chris Weller, still smashing it on the Combe.

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