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Tri-Challenge Knockout

Recent results from the Tri-challenge knockout.

1st Round 1st Leg - Bopeep.


George Brickwood 35lb 14oz 1pt

Will Abernathy 33lb 8oz 2pts

Kris Collins 3lb 12oz 3pts

1st Round 1st leg - Nyewood.

Group 2.

Graham Potter 44lb 1pt

Dave Hoare 28lb 14oz 2pts

Clive Richards 26lb 3pts

1st Round 2nd Leg - Nyewood.


Kris Collins 62lb 5oz 1pt

Will Abernathey 49lb 1oz 2pts

George Brickwood 26lb 9oz 3pts

George Brickwood with part of his 35lb 14oz haul from Bopeep.

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