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A Fishing Return

A Fishing Return

On Sunday while the Petersfield Angling club’s match team were winning their match in the first round of the super cup.

Two brothers, who have returned to fishing and as members after over 20 years of absence, decided to fish Bo peep a pond where they had fished as school kids many many years ago, cycling from Petetsfield on bikes with rods strapped to the cross bar.

Our last visit there some 32 years ago produced an unexpected catch !!

The pond has been transformed from a road side puddle with a few roach and the odd safe into a wonderful little venue.

Since our return to fishing and to the club we have also fished Nyewood and the idyllic Coombe we both agree that all those involved in the club need a huge pat on the pack the waters are fantastic, the communication top notch and the fishing far better than expected, we were last members in the late 90s and many things have changed, a number 8 shot seems to be a quarter of the size it was !!

But putting the failing eyesight to one side it’s good to be members of a great club again. Well done everyone hope to see old and new faces on the bank soon.

The Stones

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