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Petersfield & District Angling Club AGM 2024

Press Release 14/02/2024

I would just like to put on record my thanks to the 32 members that attended last night’s AGM.

I think that this was one of the most constructive and positive meetings we have had, with

constructive feedback from the floor and a combined agreement of how the club is being looked after and our expectations for the PDAC and its members in the future.

It is with great pleasure that I can welcome the following members who have volunteered to join the committee to help take the club forward.

Sean Crowley, Steve Rayson and Robin Grant, and also the committee accepting Student member Dom Davies into the team to give the younger generation a voice.

We are still looking for a treasurer to start asap, also for a match secretary and a membership secretary to both start in 2025.

If there is any member out there that would consider helping out or joining the committee

but are not sure what it entails, we may be able to arrange for you to sit in on a meeting

just to see what is all about.

My thanks to all that contributed to the raffle with prizes and who gave generously of

their money to buy raffle tickets, drinks jam and pickles, we managed to raise over £200 towards the Development funds.

We aim to release the minutes of the meeting within the next edition of the PDAC newsletter, scheduled for February 29th.

My thanks again

Steve Chapman

PDAC Chairman

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