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Another well run event

Saturday 4th May.

Bopeep Pond hosted another well organised event by the PDAC Development team.

Earlier this week, due to an unexpected 3-week road closure to the pond, the team had considered cancelling, but the team had rallied round to ensure those attending had received the relevant information to locate the venue via the multiple, long and confusing road diversions that were set in place.

The weather had been kind for a change, although the fish were not so. Sadly, and unusually for Bopeep, the best of the fishing was had in the morning sessions and not everyone had caught.

A huge team effort from 16 volunteers ensured the event ran smoothly to accommodate 107 visitors.

We hope all those that had attended, enjoyed their time with us and we hope to see you again soon.

More events like this are scheduled for July & September…check out the website for more details.

Check out a few of the photos, more will be available on the website.

PDAC Development Programme.

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