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Bopeep update 26/08/23

Bopeep work party report

Firstly, a huge thank-you to the eleven guys that turned out today, the weed in areas was extremely dense and we would not have achieved as much as we have today without you.

I have also requested for another work party to finish the works completely for Sunday 3rd September @ 8:30am onwards.

If anyone could loan a wood chipper for the day or even pop over and shred the cuttings piled inside the gate ...this would be extremely helpful.

Bopeep shall reopen this coming Monday 28th August to allow fishing to resume, but it shall close again from Saturday 2nd Sept for Sunday's work party.

Please make a date in your diary for 3rd September to meet up with us to help get the job done and to make it better for fishing.

Thx again.

Pete Lemon

Fisheries Manager.

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