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Connecting with our Junior's


My name is Sarah Collins and I am pleased to have joined the committee in the position of Junior Liaison Officer.

I have wanted to get more involved with the club so hopefully you have seen me at various events throughout the last few seasons. My favourite was the family fun day. It was nice to see families taking time away from their phones and spending time in nature, and obviously catching fish! I even had a coaching session ( even if it was my husband Kris Collins) which is something the club offers to all members. Please contact the club or myself for more information regarding this.

I am also in the process of writing up a questionnaire which you will receive shortly. This will be to obtain feedback and any ideas as to what the juniors want going forward. i would love to connect with the mums & dads of our younger members, I am your voice so please contact me with any concerns or suggestions you may have,

I really want to progress the junior part of the club going forward and have already received some bookings for the junior open on the 23rd July, this is really positive to see.

So looking ahead for this season, we have; as i said the Junior Open scheduled for 23rd July and this event is open to members & non members aged from 8 to 16 years and it's FREE!.

This event will be in 2 sections (8-12 & 13-16yrs) on Nyewood ponds, all competitors must have an adult in attendance at all times.

Junior Section aged 8-12 will be allowed assistance with casting & landing fish, & if they get into any difficulties.

Junior Section aged 13-16 can have assistance if they have any general difficulties only.

We can provide keepnets on request for this event.

This event is now open for bookings, simply click on the button below to submit your booking.

90th Anniversary celebrations

This August will see the club celebrating 90 years since its formation and we plan to celebrate this over 2 days with a combination of events.

We plan to have a Kids/Parents event on Saturday 6th August, this will be either mum or dad teaming up with a junior/juvenile member and fishing a match style event in a fun and not so serious way with the inclusion of Keepnets. Sections will be based on age and experience of our junior members.

Please keep a look out for further information about this event on either the website or Facebook page.

Family Weekender

After last years successful 2 day event, we agreed for this event to continue this year and we have already received great interest for this.

Bookings for this event will open 1st August, please avoid contacting us before then.

Keep checking out the website and Facebook page for updates.


Please let me remind you that the Pdac now have two qualified class 2 coaches and coaching is available to all members, including adults.

Please contact myself or Kris and Andy for further details. contact details are on the flyer and listed in your handbooks.


We have other various events in the pipeline for our junior members, like the Junior teach-in match set for Nyewood ponds.

We have yet to set a date for this event, but please keep checking out the website for further information and updates with this event and all other junior events.

If you have any questions for me, please email me at and i look forward to connecting with you.


Junior Liaison Officer

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