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August Blog - Jamie

After letting the dust settle now on what has been a very busy few weeks on the Junior Event Front within PDAC, I thought I would take the time to reflect and give my thoughts on the importance of encouraging junior anglers to take up and participate in the sport we call Fishing.

Coming off the back of an extremely successful weekend at the Family Fun Day which was held at our local club water BoPeep, this has highlighted that there is still an extremely high interest from the younger generation who are keen to jump into the world of Angling.

As a child, fishing for me was the best past time during the school holidays as it not only meant I could get out on the bank and enjoy the outdoors, but I was also lucky enough that some of my friends at the time use to fish as well so it was a great social.

The buzz of seeing kids catch their first fish is quite something and the reality is, as a parent it doesn’t take much to get them set up and out on the bank enjoying the outdoors and scenery at local waters.

A simple whip set up will see juniors being able to have minimum tackle but begin to enjoy the benefits of fishing.

The family fun weekend saw just that. We had close to 100 people attend that event with the majority being children who hadn’t fished before.

Here’s a list of what you would need to get your child started:

· 3m whip

· Pre-tied pole rig

· Spare pack of pre-tied hooks

· Landing net

· An unhooking mat

· Chair

· 1 Pint of Mixed Maggots

· Discgorger

· And most importantly some food & drink to for the day.

Building memories that will last a lifetime

Our policy at PDAC is that when a junior joins the club, they must always have a guardian with them whilst on the bank.

That means we offer free ‘associate’ memberships out to those who do not wish to fish. What better way to spend a day out on the bank, than a bit of parent/child bonding.

Not only do you both get to spend time together but If you are a parent who fishes you can pass on your skills to your children and watch them enjoy the sport for what it is.

Speaking from experience, this has been by far my biggest enjoyment from fishing over the years. Spending time with my dad, a hobby that we both still enjoy to this day together. Although he tends not to fish so much anymore, he still finds the time to join and support me on my trips around the country to the competitions that I am taking part in. When the schedule allows, we both try an enjoy a day’s pleasure fishing together.

The Importance of Fishing and Mental Health

The young anglers coming through the sport currently find themselves in an angling world driven by social media.

The information on certain events, matches and all things fishing can be found at a click of a button.

Now whilst this is brilliant, the reality is nothing can be beat the social interaction with other junior anglers whilst out on the bank. Everything from enjoying the moment of catching your first big carp to your first silverfish.

The impact of the lockdown back in 2020 brought to light the subject of mental health and fishing and how fishing can help with the issues of Mental Health. Fishing Is such a unique sport in that you can simply fall into a state of relaxation by just being away from your day-to-day life and switching off and enjoying the days fishing.

In summary, a study found that considerable health and well-being benefits can be gained through involvement in recreational fishing. Encouraging young children, youth, adults and families to fish offers a cost effective and healthful outdoor recreational activity that can be enjoyed throughout life. Benefits were evident for individuals and groups. Recreational fishing was also noted to provide significant benefits to children and youth with behavioral and mental health issues.

Here at PDAC we are trying to encourage junior anglers to join by offering free membership to applicants under the age of 16. Not only do we offer this, but also free coaching to any members of the club.

For any coaching enquiries, please send an email to and I can liaise with the other coaches we have here within in the club, and we can get something sorted.

We are also on hand here to answer any questions parents may have about getting their children into fishing.

Our next junior event is due to take place at Nyewood on Saturday 25th September vs Godalming AC. If you wish to take part in this, please send me an email or give me a call.

Until Next time

Tight Lines


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