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Guest Tickets

With the high volume of members requesting to fish our waters, The Pdac will be releasing limited guest ticket reservations to members from Monday 6th July from the current booking system.

Members may book a “Member + Guest” ticket from the booking system, via their registered account. (calls & email requests will not be accepted).

Members are requested to fill in the correct fields when booking and to include their guests name and vehicle details.

Payment for the ticket will be made on the bank to the club baliff and he/she will issue an official ticket to your guest.

Members may book a Member+Guest ticket 7 days in advance or upto 24 hrs prior to fishing.

Members must ensure their guest displays a note on the dashboard of their vehicle, “Guest of The Pdac”

Members must fish adjacent to their guest.

Members are permitted to 1 guest every 14 days (guests wishing to join, will have the value of their ticket deducted from the joining fee when the ticket stub is presented with their application).

Member+Guest Ticket allocation will be restricted per venue:

Bopeep: 1 ticket each day 6am-8pm

Nyewood: 3 tickets each day 6am-8pm

Harting Combe: 1 ticket each day 7am-7pm

No guest tickets will be available for Night Fishing or Pdac Rivers.

Guest ticket fees:

Bopeep: Adults £6.00 - Juniors & Concessions £4.00

Nyewood: Adults £10.00 – Juniors & Concessions £5.00

Harting Combe: Adults £10.00 - Juniors & Concessions £5.00 (12hrs Only).

Members turning up to any Pdac water with a guest, and have not booked/reserved a ticket, their guest will be asked to leave.

We ask members to carry the correct fees – Thank you.

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