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Jamie's Tip - Must Take Tackle!

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Items of Terminal Tackle I would not go anywhere without.

So this month I want to talk about items of tackle that you will always find in my box or with me when I’m fishing.


I would probably class this item as one of my most important. Simply because this item of tackle ensures you are fishing on the bottom of the lake. It can also be used as a tool to understand the contour of you peg.

By this I mean it can help you pick up on slopes, flat spots and if the bottom is soft or hard.

Tuning Stotz & Spare Shot

I use these for when I need to ensure my float is dotted down to a pimple. 9 times out of 10 I will have my float shotted as low as possible to ensure I see even the slightest of indications of a bite. The disadvantage to having a lot of bristle showing when fishing is that you will simply miss bites if the fish are being finicky.

The no 12s and 13s make this achievable. By adding one at a time you can make sure you get that float dotted right down.

Hook Lengths

I have touched on pre-tied hook lengths previously, they are a must when match fishing to ensure you are as efficient as possible. The perks to these are that if you are unfortunate to get snapped by a fish, all you need to do is just replace the hook length. By using a certain length of Hook Length this means there is no need to re-plumb as your hook length has remained the same.

The Key bit of advice with hook length choice is to make sure it is lighter than the mainline or else it will not break first and you could risk losing your whole rig.

I will be doing a ‘How To’ guide to tying spade hooks soon so watch this space.


This item of tackle makes sures you can feed as accurately as possible. It attaches to the end of your Top Kit and tends to come in an array of sizes. Extra Small – Large dependant on how much bait you wish to feed. The idea behind these pots is that you can fill them up with any baits and feed right on top of your float.

If you are putting in Ground bait and Micros, there are slits in the bottoms of the pots that allow the water to get in and push the bait out so it falls down in a nice column. This can be done by shipping out to the area you are fishing and dunking the pot upside down in the water, the bait then will then fall out.


These are the tool that will get you of jail when those fish swallow the hook. It is Imperative that everyone of us carries one of these in our boxes. With fish care being paramount, as anglers we need to make sure we do everything we can to return the fish back as they were when we caught them.

There are a few other items I would like to mention as well that we should be always carrying with us when on the bank.

• A suitable Landing Net and Pole

• An unhooking matt.

• Your Fishing License from the Environmental Agency.

As a club we offer 1 to 1 coaching so if any of our members would like a day out, please let me know and we can get something arranged. Here at Petersfield Angling Club, we cater for all abilities whether you are a newcomer to the sport or an avid match angler looking to fine tune some techniques. There is something for everyone, the sessions will be tailored to the individual so if you like the sound of it, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Please send all coaching enquires to

Until next time

Tight Lines

Jamie Foster


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