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Jamie's tip on Guru Hybrid Feeders

A Beginners Guide to the Guru Hybrid Feeder This month I am going to take you through the basics for the Hybrid feeder approach for those of you who favour ‘Rod & Line’ tactics to that of the pole. Items of tackle required: - 1 x Hybrid Feeder - 1 x Pack of pre tied 4 inch hook lengths - 1 x Bag of 2mm Pellets - Your Chosen Hook bait The Hybrid feeder is a product launched by Guru about 5 or 6 years ago and its design has meant it has become a firm favourite for anglers up and down the country from the word go. The feeder has holes in the base and walls which allows your bait to release super quick as soon as the feeder lands on the bottom of the lake. The walls of the feeder protect the bait from dispersing too soon meaning you can use it in any depths of water and be confident that your hook bait will be accompanied by a pile of bait on the lake bed.

First Job to do when you get to your chosen swim is to prepare your 2mm pellets. This can be done by pouring the pellets into a bait tub, completely soaking for 2 minutes, then drain all the excess water off. Once all the water is drained pour the pellets into a bucket or large container and leave for up to 20 mins. This will ensure that all the water is absorbed into the pellets and you will have a perfect micro pellet to mould onto the hybrid feeder. Tip – As a general rule of thumb it is a minute of soaking per millimetre of pellet. 2 minutes for a 2mm pellet or 4 Mins for a 4mm pellet and so on. The feeders come in a variety of sizes and weights, for the fishing on our local waters and the distance you would probably be looking to fish, a 24-gram or 36-gram feeder would be perfect. The size of feeder will dictate how much bait you can feed in one cast.

This is something you will want to think about when choosing the feeder size for the session.

As an example, in the winter you will want a smaller pile of bait then you would in the summer. You must also consider the impact your feeder will have when it hits the water. The last thing you want in winter is a massive feeder causing unwanted disturbance and spooking the fish away from your targeted area. The advantages to this feeder are that it is extremely user friendly and super easy to load. The first step is to create an initial layer of bait by firmly pressing and moulding a layer of pellets into the base of the feeder. Then make an indent in the centre of the feeder with your finger or thumb, this is where you will be placing your hook bait. Once this is in place you just simply need to add a 2nd layer of pellets to cover your hook bait and you are ready to go. Make sure you squeeze your pellets on tight so they don’t disperse on the cast.

These ready tied hook lengths from guru are perfect for the angler who has not got the time to make their own. Their availability from local tackle shops mean they are usually the first hooks anglers use when feeder fishing due to the convenience and reliability.

As per the picture on the right, there are three main types of ‘feeder’ hook lengths.

- Speed stops can be used for baits such as Sweetcorn, Luncheon Meat or even Expander Pellets.

- Bait Bands can be used for Hard Pellets (4mm – 8mm) or banding a Wafter or boilie.

- Bait Spike/Bayonet are more hook bait specific. I would look to use a bayonet when fishing a wafter as this will give it the most natural presentation.

Tip – I always have a little bit of ground bait mixed up when method feeder fishing. A 50/50 mix of Micros and ground bait can be great change of feed and usually result in a few extra fish. Sometimes you will find that you need to feed that extra bit of ground bait to keep the fish in your swim.

If you want any further information or tips on the Hybrid Feeder, then please send me an email or reach out to me via Facebook.

As a club we offer 1 to 1 coaching so if any of our members would like a day out please let me know and we can get something arranged.

Here at Petersfield Angling Club, we cater for all abilities whether you are a newcomer to the sport or an avid match angler looking to fine tune some techniques.

There is something for everyone, the sessions will be tailored to the individual so if you like the sound of it, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Please send all coaching enquires to

Upcoming Junior Events for 2021

Saturday 15th May – Inter-club Junior Match vs Godalming AC at Marsh Farm, Milford Saturday 31st July – PDAC Annual Junior Open at Nyewood Ponds

Saturday 25th September – Inter-club Junior Match vs Godalming AC at Nyewood Ponds

If you are a junior angler and wish to participate in any of the above events, please contact me for further information.

Until next time, tightlines


Junior Liaison Officer


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