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Jamie's Tip - Targeting Margins

Margin Fishing for Carp We are now one third of a way into Spring 2021 which means the fish are finally starting to come on the feed and venture down the edges more frequently.

Fishing the margins can take you from Zero to Hero in many matches with the later hours of the competitions providing some very exciting sport if the carp show in numbers.

Its not all about matches though, the margins can be a great place to finish off a pleasure session and catch some of the larger resident fish that are on the patrol for many angler’s bait that has been thrown in at the end of a session.

There is a couple of Key Points to look out for when Margin Fishing to ensure you make the most of your time fishing down the edge.

How to decide what approach to take?

There are not many things that will dictate how you approach the margin more than the depth. Some fisheries have a shallow edge, some have deep edges. As a rule of thumb, shallow would be 2.5ft or less with deep being over 2.5ft. By working out how deep your edge is means you can make sure you feed the correct way.

What Baits at what Depths?

My personal preference is to feed loose Ground bait and Dead Maggots in shallow margins and heavy baits such as Corn & Hemp when faced with margins over 2.5ft. This is all to do with making sure the bait is where you want it and most importantly are fishing. By big potting loose ground bait in deep margins, you run the risk of the ground bait spreading into a wider area than you would like. Using heavier baits such as Hemp and Corn will ensure a better accuracy when presenting your bait. Pellets should not be ignored either, 2mms work extremely well in shallower water whilst 4,6 or even 8mm pellets are great feed baits for deeper margins.

How to Feed the Edges

There are so many different types of ground baits on the market currently with some mixes stating ‘Margin Mix’ on the packets which can be extremely helpful when deciding what mix to use. For me personally I tend to favour the ‘Bait-Tech Karma Method Mix’.

I have had great success with this mix, so I have confidence in it. This is something that you will find as you use more and more different companies ground bait.

As an angler you will start to favour the mixes that bring you success. You can kick your edge swim off with a couple of pots of your chosen feed.

If you do not have a pole pot not to worry usually a couple of handfuls of bait will also do the trick.

Timings are crucial on this front as well, you want to ‘Prime’ your edge maybe an hour before you look to go on it.

Timing is Key & Be Patient!

If you are seeing signs straight away on your feed such as swirling and bubbles. The golden rule is to leave it. As bizarre as that may sound, If you were to drop in on that bait straight away and miss a few bites you may spook the fish. The trick is to allow the fish to gain confidence in grazing on your free offerings. This is achieved by the timing of when you feed your edge.

If you are faced with a deeper margin try to leave it an hour or so before fishing it, you are unlikely to see signs in a deep margin. In a match scenario, when the time comes to have your first put in/cast into your edge, you should start to have indications on your float. If you don’t have anything within 5 – 10 minutes come off this line as there is no point in sitting there waiting. This is wasted time in a match that could be spent fishing another area of your swim.

Keep changing the Hook Baits.

Quick tip – to keep the fish’s interest, always have an array of hook baits to hand. 9 times out of 10 you will soon find out what bait the carp want but if you have a bite less few minutes, a change of hook bait can soon pick out that extra fish.

Below is a selection of baits I would ensure I always had in my bag with me when wanting to fish down the edge. (Dead Maggots, Sweet Corn, Luncheon Meat and Worms) these baits coupled with either Ground bait or pellets can make an ideal mix that will snare you those big edge monsters. Don’t forget your fishing for large fish down the edge so you hook size needs to reflect that when using big baits. I would look to be fishing either a size 12 or even a size 10 when fishing baits such as double worm.

Hope the tips & tricks above will help you guys catch those bigger fish on your future

outings. Make sure you send your catch shots through to us and let us know how you are getting on.

As a club we offer 1 to 1 coaching so if any of our members would like a day out please let me know and we can get something arranged. Here at Petersfield Angling Club, we cater for all abilities whether you are a newcomer to the sport or an avid match angler looking to fine tune some techniques. There is something for everyone, the sessions will be tailored to the individual so if you like the sound of it, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Please send all coaching enquires to

Upcoming Junior Events for 2021

Saturday 15th May – Interclub Junior Match vs Godalming AC at Marsh Farm, Milford

Saturday 31st July – PDAC Annual Junior Open at Nyewood Ponds

Saturday 25th September – Interclub Junior Match vs Godalming AC at Nyewood Ponds

If you are a junior angler and wish to participate in any of the above events, please contact me for further information.

Until next time, tightlines


Junior Liaison Officer


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