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Jamie's Tip - The Pellet Waggler

The Pellet Waggler

Now the weather has settled, and we are in a nice hot spell the pellet waggler is a method that can be deadly.

A very simple method that can produce a huge weight at this time of year.

The idea behind this method is to catch the carp through the water.

Items of Tackle required

- 11ft Waggler Rod

- Catapult

- 8mm Pellets

- Pretied 15” Pellet Waggler Hook lengths from Guru

- Float Stops

- Float Swivel

- Preloaded Pellet Waggler

Getting Set Up

Start by sliding 2 float stops onto the line, then place you float swivel on next followed by another 2 float stops.

The good thing about the float stops are they are extremely easy to move, which is key thing when fishing the pellet waggler as you need to adjust your depth until you find the optimum depth that the fish want to feed in.

When it comes to tying the hook length to the mainline you have 2 options, you can either use a loop to loop connection or use a quick change swivel.

The advantage of a quick change swivel is that you can simply just lift the rubber clasp up

and switch hook length as and when you want.

The pre-tied hook lengths are readily available from any tackle shop.

The Casting

Next step is to place you 8mm pellet in the hook band. The trick to gaining the best presentation is to ensure you catch you halt the line just before the float hits the water. This allows the pellet to fall past the float and enabling the pellet to fall through the water in the most natural way.

This is a very busy style of fishing, and you must always keep active, never put your catapult down.

When fishing this method I like to catapult out 2 pouches of 8mms to the area I intend on casting to, this not only feeds your area before you cast but it gives you a target to aim for when casting. By casting your float into the baited area you hook bait will fall through the water at a natural speed along with the free offerings that had been fired out before.

The key is to always keep a trickle of bait going through the water columns thus keeping the fish in the upper layers of the water.

The idea is to catch the fish ‘on the drop’ so if you do not get a bite within 10-15 seconds, reel your line in and re cast. Also, if you are missing bites then you may need to shallow up. As a rule of thumb, I would start by fishing the waggler at 2-3ft then adjust the depth as the session progresses.

It’s a case of feed, cast, catch and repeat the process.

Quick tip: When fishing the waggler always have a bomb rod set up to accompany the waggler.

Dropping a bomb and pellet over the waggler fed area can sometimes get you a couple of fish when bites die on the float.

As a club we offer 1 to 1 coaching so if any of our members would like a day out, please let me know and we can get something arranged. Here at Petersfield Angling Club, we cater for all abilities whether you are a newcomer to the sport or an avid match angler looking to fine tune some techniques. There is something for everyone, the sessions will be tailored to the individual so if you like the sound of it, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Please send all coaching enquires to

We still have spaces available on our annual Junior Open at Nyewood which is to be held on Saturday 31st July 2021. Please get in touch if you would like to fish this and we can get you booked on.

Until next time

Tight Lines

Jamie Foster


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