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Keep Events Alive!!!

The Pdac Development Programme.

We know how expensive fishing equipment can be today, but your redundant tackle can help a young angler new to fishing get started.

We accept all donations, we shall then pass it on to those starting out and anything that is not suitable will go to a car boot to raise funds for the Development Programme.

The Development Programme is a vital project keeping junior & community events alive within our club, we also hold individual and team events, this is good experience for young anglers and is a great way for them to create bonds and networks with others.

We invest all funds into the programme to supply the more expensive items required that young anglers are unable to afford, such as unhooking mats, keepnets, bank sticks, landing nets and handles.

Anyone who has been fishing will know how beneficial angling is at boosting mental health and wellbeing, fishing improves your child's mental and physical health, children can learn to appreciate nature's beauty and form a stronger bond with family and friends through in-person conversations; rather than online and improving their communication skills and mental health.

The Pdac have now created an events committee in association with the Development Programme to ensure that out-reach campaigns, community one-off fishing experiences “Get Fishing” and monthly teach-in sessions remain part of the club’s annual events.

This is followed up with individual and team events, this is a great way for the children to show off the angling skills they have learnt within the programme. We accept children of all fishing abilities to experience these type of events and it’s another great way of interaction with others.

Our monthly teach-in sessions are not only for children, we insist that children are accompanied by their parents, guardians or carers and we educate them with the basics of fishing to ensure they are able to support their children with adequate equipment and fish welfare.

The sessions also include the teaching of mixing the correct consistency of groundbaits, selecting the best hook bait, tying of hooks, correct shot patterns for float fishing, use of methods and most importantly fish care.

These sessions are also open to members of all ages, those that require tips or further knowledge of the club’s waters that are available.

The club also has a specific venue designed for beginners, this is an ideal location for family fishing with its beautiful surroundings, ideal for family picnics.

Individual events, such as the annual Junior open is one of the highlights of the junior calendar, this event is open to the general public with two age category’s (6-12) (13-16), if possible we send everyone home with some form of award or prize. We would accept any form of sponsorship to ensure this event continues.

Team events, very much like the Junior Open, requires some form of sponsorship, especially when competing in inter-club events, when the norm is for the host team to provide prizes.

The Pdac also hold two annual One-Off fishing experiences in association with the Angling Trust's "Get Fishing" campaign, these events are open to the general public and past events have been well received with over 200 attendees.

To ensure that everyone enjoys this experience, we have a group of qualified coaches & volunteers and we provide all of the required equipment, tackle and bait to make this happen.

We are a non-profit organisation, we have a dedicated group of volunteers associated with the programme, offering many hours of their time to ensure that every event is successful.

You can also help, by donating funds or second hand tackle, this will help to keep the development programme and events alive for new & young anglers.

further details, please contact Shaun Ireland at

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