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Looking Back - Archives

This unprecedented time has given us the opportunity to delve through some club archives to share with you and help relieve the boredom of this isolation period.

Back in 2009, The Pdac assisted in an event that was held at Nyewood Ponds for children from Chernobyl, to spend the day fishing.

This event was annually for a few years and was organised by Geoff Oram (Stedham Angling) and a local Chernobyl Children's Charity, and we as a club supplied the venue and the volunteers.

The Chernobyl children came to the UK for a few weeks each year through the Charity and would then return home.

All of these children had never experienced any type of fishing before, probably never even seen a fish, but we know they enjoyed their time with us.

The Pdac volunteers donated Cash, Clothing and School equipment, it didn't seem a lot to us, but they were grateful to receive anything, especially the clothing.

Hansford of Fareham kindly donated tackle and bait for each event.

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