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Membership Renewals/Application Forms

Pdac 2020/21 Application Forms will be available from the club website and local Tackle Outlets very soon.

We now accept on-line payments.

All on-line payments must include the following reference no. (your membership no./your Surname).

For new members, please use reference no. (NEW/your Surname).

Pdac on-line payment details:

Sort Code: 60-16-26

Account: 80007481

Application forms will have the relevant information for on-line payments and all forms must be completed clearly.

To help you receive all the latest information regarding announcements and events, please include your email address.


Members renewing, and wish to make on-line payments, can either download a new application form using their current membership no. or use the renewal pull-out form from their handbook.

Members using the handbook pull-out, must include a note & their payment reference number (as illustrated below).

Please Note: Memberships will only be issued once on-line payments have been confirmed.

Anyone experiencing any issues with on-line payments and require any assistance, please email us on

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