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Newly Appointed Committee Members

The Pdac wish to announce your newly appointed members to the Committee, Jamie Foster & Peter Lemon will join the Pdac team for 2020/21.

Both Jamie & Peter were voted on board by those present at the recent AGM, and we are looking forward to working with them.

We asked the guys for a little background.

Jamie Foster.

I am 28 years of age and have been involved with the Match Scene for 15 years now.

I tend to spend my time on commercials and club waters around the south of England competing weekly in competitions.

I successfully qualified for the 2019 Garbolino Club Angler of the year final at Barston Lakes by winning -'Gold Lake' at Gold Valley.

Hoping to qualify again this year and will be venturing up to Tunnel Barn and Gold valley for 2 qualifiers this year under the Petersfield & Disctrict Angling Club banner.

My biggest match weight is 171lb from Bowsaw Lakes in the summer of 2019.

i have only been a member of The Pdac for 18 months, but i'm extremely excited to be part of a club that is striving to move forward and hope to keep the momentum going for 2020 and beyond.

Pete Lemon.

I joined The Pdac in 1980, originally spent my weekends on the Heath lake as a carp angler, I joined the match group in the early 1980s, fished for the club as a team member in many friendly inter club matches and leagues.

Went on to become committee member for many years, i was also match captain then fishery manager.

I have many skills to offer to the club including building. ,

Had a break from the club for a few years due to personal reasons, but now glad I’m back in and back on committee and glad that i will be part of a team that are looking to build and improve on what we have and paving the way and supporting junior anglers for the future.

Its a club close to my heart and has a great atmosphere with friendly members, its all positive with a great future ahead.

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