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Nyewood Update 18/08/23

Dear members,

Firstly a Nyewood update.

On August 9th, I had received a report of a dead carp on the bottom pond, this was a few days old and promptly removed, I also received further reports of some fish damage.

Friday of last week, I had requested a fisheries team member to carry out dissolved oxygen level tests on both ponds, which came back absolutely fine.

On Saturday, I had received numerous messages backed with photos to confirm what I had been told previously, so as a precaution, I had reported this as an incident to the Environmental Agency.

Sunday, I went to Nyewood to see for myself and carried out a full water tests, ie ph, dissolved oxygen and ammonia tests, all were fine on the equipment used, but we had 3 more fatalities, so, yet again I reported this to the EA for an immediate response; which i received on Monday and a site visit was arranged for following day.

In the meantime, I made the decision to close the water as a precaution until EA tests were done and I also made the decision to suspend the use of keep nets on all Pdac waters.

Just to quash any rumors out there, we have not had a massive fish kill, we had a total of 4 fish die, but we could not rule out a possible virus. I can now reassure members, that since the visit, inspection and tests carried out by the EA, whom feel the sores and rashes are stress related, possibly due to recent excessive low waters, affecting the biomass and frequent changes to atmospheric pressure. Another contributor that can not be ignored is mechanical damage, the weather i have no control over, but reviewing what has an input to create mechanical damage is something that i plan to look into.

Photographs received, have now been forwarded to the EA laboratory in Brampton, but our EA rep claims this will only confirm his findings.

With this all said, we will re-open Nyewood on Monday morning (21st Aug) and fishing can resume on both ponds, however no matches are permitted on the bottom pond until further notice, those wishing to fish knockout matches at Nyewood, may do so, but only on the top pond.

I shall continue with a keep net ban on all waters when pleasure fishing and can i request that all fish with wounds be treated with Carp-care kits.

Lastly, please make sure your landing nets and keep nets are dry prior to entering any Pdac water and I would also ask members to report to me or the club of any further sightings, preferably with photos of fish showing signs of wounds and distress.

I Hope this puts you all in the picture and thx for your patience.

Pete Lemon

Fisheries Manager

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