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Nyewood Update 25/09/23

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Dear Members,

In response to the fish mortalities in recent weeks on Nyewood Ponds, I had reported the situation to the Environment Agency as an incident, subsequently, the EA had carried out numerous tests and routinely reported the case to FISH HEALTH INSPECTORATE, whom had issued a Designation Notice for the waters to close whilst carrying out out an investigation into numerous viruses…including KHV.

The EA’s findings were, blue-green algae were present and possibly the contributor to the 18 fish lost, this unfortunately is beyond our control, but we are aiming to make some changes to improve water quality.

Today, I am happy to report that I have received the results from the Fish Health Inspectorate and all tests were found negative…including for KHV.

I am also glad to report that the Designation Notice has now been lifted and we plan to re-open the ponds this Wednesday 27th September, although I have enforced a suspension of the use of two rods to one, when two are permitted from 1st October, i shall also retain the ban of keepnets until further notice.

I must express my sincere thanks to Pete Marchant, Darren Stone & Kris Collins, whom have helped out immensely.

I also wish to thank you, the members, with your patience and understanding during recent weeks and I shall look forward to seeing you on the banks at Nyewood again.

Best regards

Pete Lemon

PDAC Fisheries Manager.

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