Nyewood Update 31/07/20


Members are reminded that the bottom gate must be locked at all times.

Bailiffs are finding the gate open on almost every visit, to protect Nyewood and its stock, the gate must be locked every time you enter or exit the venue.

The gate was left open over night last evening and this is not acceptable.


Members must take there litter home, leaving any litter and you risk having your membership revoked.

Please remember, we know through the booking system who is on the lakes each day.

Fortunately for the member in swim 1 on the bottom pond today, the bailiff had already carried out his checks and you were not there at that point, we know you are a smoker and judging by the butts you left, you smoke 20 cigs in a short fishing session and love a tin of Strongbow Cider.

We know who were booked in and we will be monitoring you and the swims.

The Pdac will not tolerate this sort of behaviour.

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