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Pdac Notice

We have received reports that Anglers have been seen baiting spots on Harting Combe.

Just to remind everyone that we are in a lockdown and all Pdac waters are currently closed until further notice.

The Pdac Bailiffs and Officials are making regular checks throughout and we also have a feeding supplement programme in place to keep the stock fed ready for when we can start fishing again.

We have also noticed visible signs of anglers entering and possibly fishing overnight on Nyewood.

The Pdac have stepped up checks on all waters, but if you are about and you see anyone looking suspicious on club waters, please call a club official and if possible make a note of their vehicle registration.

We have also informed the local EA Officers and they are also making regular checks and will enforce fines on anyone found on the venues.

We understand that anglers are keen to get back to fishing, some Angling Authorities are in the process of challenging the Government to lift restrictions to allow solitary angling. Let's hope this happens soon.

Emergency Numbers.

Steve Chapman 07510676729

Andy Reed 07747848569

Clive Blount 07443 622949

EA Officer: Arnie Warsop 07827088350

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