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Pdac update 07/01/21

After this morning’s u turn by the UK government they have now decided to allow angling during the current national lock down.

Although we as a committee do have concerns about reopening our waters we understand that to some it is their only form of exercise or outdoor activity.

We will therefore be reopening our waters at 8.00am on the 8th of January 2021 to those who can travel to them within their district lines.

As per the statement there will be no night fishing and anglers will be expected to be off all our waters by 4pm.

We ask that all anglers that visit our waters follow all the lock down requirements and ensure that they carry wipes and sanitisers to clean the locks and gates once they use them.

It is extremely important that you all continue to observe social distancing at all times when you are on our waters.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to follow the lock down rules and that fish locally means exactly that. Please remain within your district lines, if you are caught travelling outside of these you could be fined. If there are no waters within your district we advise you not to travel.

Bailiffs and Committee members will continue to monitor our waters and if we find any instances that break the lock down rules we will close all of the waters immediately, lock codes will be changed and they will then stay closed until further notice. You have been warned.

Steve Chapman PDAC Chairman

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