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Pdac Update 07/10/20

To remind members that winter rules are now in place.

Nyewood Ponds.

As from 1st October members must leave the ponds by 4pm.

Reports continue to come in about members leaving the lock open on the gate...The gates must be locked at all times.

Members may now use 2 rods, Juniors/Juveniles to only use one rod.

Keepnets are permitted for Silverfish, each net must only contain up to 25lb of fish.

Members must use unhooking mats and the correct sized landing net when fishing for larger Carp.

Members must carry medi-kits and treat damaged fish before returned.

Reports of Braided hooklinks continue, Bailiffs have been instructed to carry out rig checks.

Bopeep Pond.

Fishing Dawn to Dusk

With the recent rainfall, Bopeep has shown signs of improvement with water levels.

Due to the closure of two swims, Bopeep shall remain as Book-To-Fish via the booking platform.

Keepnets are not permitted, the Pdac will continue to monitor the water level. (check for updates on the website).

Recent reports of poaching, have proved correct as club bailiffs have worked together and a member of the public was found fishing the pond recently...Any members suspicious of any activities to report to the club immediately. (members are within their rights to check other members for valid club permits...members must avoid any confrontations).

Harting Coombe.

Keepnets are now permitted for Silverfish only, 25lb max per net.

Members may only use two rods, day & night for the remainder of the season.

Junior/Juvenile's may only use one rod at all times.

Members must carry the recommended size unhooking mat and Medi-kits.

Work Party.

Scheduled for Saturday 17th Oct. on Nyewood Ponds.

seeking volunteers to help with a general tidy up of the venue, meeting for 9am for just a few hours. Any help will be much appreciated.

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