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Pdac Update

Fish Welfare

During this extreme hot weather, please return all fish as quickly as possible.

Ensure all Carp have revived, & upright for a safe return.

We are seeing members not using the correct sized nets for bigger fish...small pan nets for the larger Carp can cause damage to their dorsal fin & tails. Use the correct sized nets.

Members must stick to the correct sized baits recommended for each venue that is stated in their handbook, using double 18mm boilies on Nyewood will end with a Carp likely to be foul hooked.

Members are reminded to use their medi-kits on any damage to the fish.

The Youth/Junior Open.

Almost Full!...Only spaces for the Youth section is available.

We shall be emailing all those involved this week with the breakdown of rules.

Mill Rythe.

Due to the renovations on the site, the lake will remain unavailable to Pdac members for the remainder of the season.

Please do not attempt to gain access from the sea wall, members will be trespassing and likely to be prosecuted by the land owner.


The Water levels are extremely low at present, the committee have decided to keep the pond open for now.

We have experienced some poaching recently, and the pond will be much safer with members on it.

Night Match.

We are accepting bookings for the 12hr Night Match on Harting Combe for 5th Sept.

All fish included, not just Carp.

On-Line Shop.

The shop is currently down, we aim to get it back up & running asap.

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