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Pdac Update 18/10/20

A big thank you to the members that attended Saturday's work party on Nyewood ponds, only a small handful turned out although a good amount was achieved.

Another session has been scheduled for Sunday 25th October, another general tidy up of the venue.

We would love to see a few more members attend the work parties, you all benefit from them and we are a non-profit organization...Your support is essential and only a few hours makes a huge difference.

Monday 19th October.

Major work will be carried out on the top pond this Monday.

To ensure the safety of our members, the access to the top pond will closed to members with temporary access to the south bank only via the bottom pond dam gates.

Unfortunately a longer route, but safety is paramount and we apologies for this inconvenience.

Nyewood Ponds

Bottom Pond: Swims 20 & 21 are closed and taped off, this is due to the gates on the dam being reopened, therefor these swims breach social distance guidelines.

Swims 11 & 12 have now restored and reopened for use.

Top Pond: The south bank is now open up to swim 26, although swims 21-23 breach social distance guidelines and remain closed.

We must remind members with the winter rules, members must leave the ponds by 4pm.

2 rods are currently permitted and keepnets may be used for silverfish only (25lb Max per net).

Nyewood Ponds Closure.

The Nyewood complex will be closed to members on Sunday 1st November, due to a club match.

Bopeep Pond.

All members must book in to fish via the booking platform.

Although the pond has made vast improvements with water levels, keepnets remain on a temporary ban.

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