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Pdac Update 24/03/21

Following the government RoadMap and the statement from the Angling Trust, the committee have decided to allow night fishing to resume as of April 1st.

The booking system will go live from the website tomorrow 25th March for both night sessions on the Coombe and day sessions on East Pond for 2021/22 permit holders only.

Harting Coombe.

Members may only book a single night session, and may not book for another 48 hours. (24hrs on 48hrs off).

(so if you book on a Monday night, the next night available to you would be Thursday).

This is the same system we ran previously to allow all members a fair chance to book in, and the committee will review this subject to demand and any further changes to restrictions.

Booking System.

The system will only be available to those with 2021/22 permits...Please do not book in if you are not in possession of a valid permit.

Rule Changes.

Please remember to check the rules...there has been some changes to rules on all waters for 2021/22.

Gate Codes.

Gate codes to all venues will be switched to 2021/22 codes from Wednesday 31st March at 6:00pm. (new codes are listed in your new handbook).

Guest Tickets.

The Pdac will not be issuing any Guest Tickets at this time. This will be under constant review by the committee.

Exchange Books.

Permits will be available from April 12th. subject to the government review & any travel restrictions.

Match Scene.

Updates from the match captain to be released soon.

Please remember to comply to the restrictions and keep to social distance.

Steve Chapman

Pdac Chairman

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